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A song (the genre of the song can be rock and roll, heavy metal, pop, country, alternative rock, etc.) has intervals of music that sound like they came from a music box. These music box intervals may sound light-hearted, nostalgic, or calming compared to the rest of the song. Sometimes it can serve as a creepy contrast to the actual song, or it may actually go well with the general theme/sound of the song.


Compare Ominous Music Box Tune.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Gravitation's "Sleepless Beauty".
  • Naruto: Sadness And Sorrow, Grief And Sorrow, Man Of The World, Loneliness, etc.
  • The SHUFFLE! anime has the song "Kabe no Mukou", which is quite creepy.
  • "Lilium", the opening song used in the Elfen Lied anime.
  • Bleach: Soundscape To Ardor (Morning Remembrance)
  • A music-box theme plays periodically in Cowboy Bebop, and the box itself is shown in one episode to belong to a certain character. It has a tune designed to invoke nostalgia.


  • The British group Muse tends to have introductions like this.
  • The song "Blue" by The Birthday Massacre.
  • Secret Treaties by Blue Öyster Cult'' has tinkly little music-box rhythms linking the tracks.
  • "Nemo" by Nightwish.
  • "A little pain" by Olivia inspi' Reira (Trapnest).
  • "Saeglopur" by Sigur Rós.
  • "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order.
  • "No Don't Shoot" by Foxy Shazam.
  • Frank Mills - "Music Box Dancer."
  • The Alan Parsons Project: "Eye In The Sky", "Don't Answer Me", the main theme of "The Turn Of A Friendly Card" suite.
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer, "Bitches' Crystal".
  • The Dresden Dolls, "Coin-Operated Boy."
  • A few Evanescence songs. Most notably, "My Immortal" and "Bring Me To Life".
  • "Flyswatter" by eels.
  • "Golem II: The Bionic Vapour Boy" by Mr. Bungle (complete by winding up and down).
  • "Kuso Breakin No Breakin Lilly" by Maximum the Hormone opens with this.
  • Frosti by Björk—actually much of Vespertine.
  • The song "Music Box" by Thrice opens and closes with a music box playing.
  • "Kid A" and "No Surprises" by Radiohead.
  • "Every day", by Buddy Holly.
  • The Protomen song "Father of Death" from Act II.
  • The beginning of "Gz and Hustlas" by Snoop Dogg.
  • "Sunday Morning" by Velvet Underground.
  • "Just Trying To Be" by Jethro Tull.
  • "Like An Angel Passing Through My Room" by ABBA.
  • Black Sabbath, of all bands, has a moment with this in "Fluff".
  • "Time In A Bottle" by Jim Croce.
  • Ozzy Osbourne: "Mr Tinker Train" opens with some music-boxish music. The song itself is kinda creepy, though.
  • The opening riff to "Sweet Child Of Mine" by Guns N' Roses.
  • "Wahrheit" by Yousei Teikoku starts off with these, intersperses them within the chorus, and ends with them.
  • "Listen To My Song" by Arthur Lee and Love.
  • "Old" by Starflyer 59 begins with a music box getting wound up and playing a few notes. The music box continues, very faintly, for the whole song, even after the rest of the instruments stop at the very end.
  • The second half of "Spanish Caravan" by The Doors has an organ that sounds like a music box.
  • "Streamline" by Pendulum ends with one of these.
  • "Freak", by Molly Sandén, especially at the beginning. The music video also prominently features a ballerina music box.
  • "Song 2" and "Nothing Passes" by The Body, provided in both cases by ambient artist Braveyoung.

    Video Games 

    Western Animation