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  • During the "Red Moon" concert, Wakana and Hikaru switch places to introduce their band members. This involves the two of them running across the stage to the opposite side. When they do it a second time, Keiko watches them like they're crazy.
    Keiko: What are you doing...?
  • In a Nico Nico Douga live show, the three members each showed off something they currently liked (i.e. a manga, a DVD, etc.), and then asked viewers to vote on which item was the best. Wakana won and received a plushie of the NicoNico mascot, which she proceeded to squeeze and randomly huggle throughout the rest of the show.
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  • When the members traveled to Hong Kong for their Asia Live Tour, they rode a double-decker bus. Their various reactions to the ride were entertaining, especially when the bus approaches another one from the rear.
  • Everything in Kalafina's Denpa Kenkyuusha interview with May'n and Ken Washizaki. There's a particular section in it where Keiko gets teased a lot (and gains a new nickname that will stay with her forever).
    Ken: Keiko, you said you wanted the three of you to run a full marathon right?
    Keiko: Please don't take my dreams as the climax of a joke.
    Ken: Because the other two don't work out, that's why.
    Keiko: And that is why I wanted to do this.
    May'n: You wished that they will join you in exercising?
    Keiko: Yes, May'n-chan, let's go together.
    May'n: I remembered receiving Keiko's SMS while being backstage. She would send something like "I'm now walking from X to Y". Keiko really loves exercising and I call her Macho-Senpai.
    Keiko: Nooo! Please don't call me that!
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  • During a certain recording of their radio show (with footage!), Wakana accidentally pokes Keiko in the nose, and proceeds to fret over her for a disproportionate amount of time, including giving Keiko her water bottle.
  • A lot of their blog posts in general. Wakana's tale about Keiko vs. the "10-15 cm in diameter" Spider comes to mind.
    Wakana: Valiant Kei-chan took the lead by using a plastic bag to snag the spider in the home stretch!
    Hikaru-chan gave a nice assist!
    I was just watching!
    ... Yep. I was just looking at it. In terms of coolness, I was just looking at it. But it's not like I didn't do anything.
    When they [trapped] the spider in a plastic bag, I cheered the two on desperately.
    "It went over there!"
    "Oh, almost!" I said as such.
    This kind of hollering is necessary ('∇ `)
  • In a certain Taiwanese interview with Calvin from boy band Fahrenheit, Hikaru shows her firm belief that sleeping is Serious Business.
    Hikaru: (snapping at the host) Hikaru isn't kidding! I really love sleeping!
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  • During one of their Music Fair appearances, one of the hosts asks Keiko if she would be the type to hug her boyfriend a lot...
    Keiko: Eh... Men are kind of...
    Host: Not men?
    Host: You prefer girls?!

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