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Awesome / Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

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  • Many of the over-the-top finishing moves qualify as awesome (and funny). For example:
    • Ash killing an enemy with a satellite laser.
    • A Macross Missile Massacre from a QUIZ OF DOOM!.
    • A friggin' T-Rex chomps a victim's head off!
    • Ash tricks an enemy with a Painfully Slow Bullet only to blow their brains out in a suit.
    • One of Ash's finishers haves him unleashing his inner-Bruce Lee and opening a can whoop ass on 'em.
      • Another where he brings out his inner-wrestler in a luchador get-up and starts body-slamming the enemy.
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    • One finisher where Ash is a super-buff soccer player and puts an enemy in a soccer field, then kicks them so hard that their body shredded on the goal net on the other side.


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