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  • In "The Siege of Dunkeld" on the third album, Zargothrax reveals that he can unexpectedly survive a blow from the hammer, establishing how incredibly strong he is.
    Kneel before your Emperor! Kneel before your GOD!
  • At the end of the second album, it is revealed that the Hootsman "is a Cyborg powered by a neutron star." AFTER him being the King of California and a famous movie star. He then has to detonate his heart to stop Zargothrax summoning an Eldritch Abomination.
    • And then in the third album, it turns out that his Heroic Sacrifice didn't kill him, but instead merged his essence with the fabric of the terrorvortex and turned him into a god!
    • Zargothrax also gets one, for forcing the heroes into that position and then escaping through the wormhole it creates.
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  • In the third album it is revealed that Ralathor has missiles of nuclear justice that he uses to destroy the deathknights in one hilariously anticlimatic strike.
  • It took three albums, two Heroic Sacrifices, all the heroes working together, and an actual god but as of The Fires of Ancient Cosmic Destiny, Zargothrax is dead.
With the force of the hammer
And the power of Hoots
The forces of justice attack
Bringing destruction to Zargothrax
The wizard defeated
Dissolves into dust
The Kingdom of Fife has been saved
The legendary Angus Mcfife has triumphed this day
  • Though it turns out someone made a clone backup of Zargothrax, creating another Sequel Hook.

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