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Also see AwesomeMusic.Gorillaz.

  • Regardless of how you feel about Gorillaz's musical output, the fact that an animated band started by two bored flatmates has become one of the most influential, critically acclaimed bands of the past decade is a crowning moment all its own.
  • Murdoc calling the bully out and getting his nose broken in Rise of the Ogre was the high point of his life until Gorillaz formed, and from the outside is pretty darn cool.
  • Noodle kicking the zombie gorilla in the face during the music video for "Clint Eastwood".
    • Made even more awesome since she's happily skipping the whole time, as if she's not even aware.
  • The live performance of "Clint Eastwood" at the 2002 Brit Awards, utilizing screens to bring the animated characters to life on stage alongside Phi Life Cypher.
    • The visuals themselves deserve closer examination for how well put-together they are. Special mention goes to Murdoc and Noodle walking across the virtual stage to swap places, which the upper visualiser shows as one seamless piece.
  • In the "On Melancholy Hill" video, Murdoc assembles a team to rescue the real Noodle comprised of all of their collaborators. What's so awesome about that? Each collaborator has their own submarine.
    • Also the fact that the collaborators we see in the video are animated in Phase 3's artstyle.
  • In "Rhinestone Eyes", Russel emerging from the sea just in time to save 2D from being killed by the whale, and tossing said whale into the pirate jets from "On Melancholy Hill"!
  • While the quality of the music is debatable, the fact that The Fall was made almost entirely on an iPad over the course of a whole month is a pretty awesome feat.
  • The Gorillaz and Madonna share the stage at the 2006 Grammy Awards.
  • After all the crap Murdoc's put him through, 2D finally stands up to him and actually physically attacks Murdoc in the iTunes session interviews, after the Paula Cracker incident is mentioned. It's pretty awesome until Murdoc chloroforms him.
  • "Feel Good Inc." being the first song to enter the UK Singles Chart just through downloads alone. Along with "Vertigo" by U2 and "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" by Jet, it arguably helped increase the popularity of the iPod as well.
  • Noodle's dancing in "Dare" from Demon Days (Album) is awesome, and also really cute.
  • A real life example: During the Demon Days Live performance, when the group started performing the song Hong Kong, Damon (who had been way back in the shadows, along with the entire group) steps out to take the stage, and everyone applauds and cheers. Some even get up from their chairs! Case and point.
  • The official Gorillaz instagram gives us The Book of Noodle, finally revealing what happened to Noodle after the events of Plastic Beach.
  • The band releasing not one, not two, but four new songs and a music video all at once in March 2017, really kicking off Phase 4 after seven years!
  • 2D and Murdoc in a LIVE interview, not to mention the amount of apps and events that they're planning for Phase 4 and Humanz. Its amazing how Gorillaz is always on point with the latest trends of technology, even with some things that were thought impossible right now.
    • Similarly, Damon Albarn writing "Sleeping Powder" in one day in response to people who were disappointed in 2D not having much presence in Humanz. The song works perfectly as a nod to 2D's former addiction to painkillers, satisfies fan desire for more of 2D's voice and Damon wrote it in one day.
  • 2D and Noodle dancing together in the "Strobelite" video is this, as well as absolutely adorable.
  • "The Pink Phantom" has 2D collaborating with not one, but two artists. Those artists? 6lack... and the Elton John.
  • In a way, Poseidon blowing up Plastic Beach in the video for "The Lost Chord." Phase 3 was a weird time for the band; even though they were still making music, the band members themselves were clearly not in good places (as shown by some of their reactions to the things they find throughout the island). The island being destroyed could be seen as a way for the band to truly move on from that point in their lives.
  • Noodle and Russel kicking ass to save 2D from being sacrificed in the music video for "Silent Running".