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Awesome / Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

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  • Chapter 15 is a tense showdown against not one but two of the Grado Empire's Six Generals. Even better, it can be made very personal as two of your party members take vengeance against said generals; Cormag against Valter for killing his brother, and Joshua against Caellach for killing his mother.
    Valter: You're right, Cormag! I was the one who cut your brother down. He was just like you, a weak, pitiful fool.
    Cormag: ……Ha…… ha ha ha…
    Valter: Why do you laugh, dolt?
    Cormag: How can I not? I've dreamt of revenge, chased it for days… And now, it's here before me! Oh, Valter… Your death will be slow and agonizing.
  • Genki Girl and Lord Error-Prone L'Arachel has a Moment of Awesome by talking Eirika out of a Heroic BSoD over Lyon being completely consumed by Fortmortiis and how he tricked her into giving up her nation's Sacred Stone. Same happens in Ephraim's path, when the one who pulls him outta his own Heroic BSoD is the other Genki Girl of the team and Eirika's best friend, Tana.
  • Eirika calmly telling the Demon King to shut his mouth, and that she is going to kill him.
    • Even better if you manage to land a high-damaging Critical and wind up killing him on your first attack.
      Ephraim: Demon King... I'm going to kill you!
      [Ephraim proceeds to stab his victim, and doubles up with a critical attack that puts him away]
  • Innes' defeat quote, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a Determinator through and through.
    Innes: I won't give up... Not here... Not in this place... I'll keep going, even if I have to crawl...