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  • In Chapter 9 of Lyn's Story, Wallace gets a very impressive introduction. Lackluster stats aside, he straight up demands to see Lyn to verify if she is an impostor or not. Sain and Kent are ready and willing to go up against their old commander, but Lyn intervenes and tells Wallace off for his posturing. Impressed by Lyn's resolve, he joins her cause right there and then, charging into battle at the top of his lungs. He even serves as the tutorial for promotion items, and he has a badass quote to go along with it:

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  • Also, Wallace's conversation with Eagler:
    Wallace: Eagler!
    Eagler: General Wallace... So you've sided with the girl, too, have you?
    Wallace: I fight for Caelin's honor, not for Lundgren's lies!
    Eagler: Ah... Is that so? You are—Enough! There's nothing more to be said. I name you traitors all! Come! Do your worst!
    Wallace: Fool... At the very least, let mine be the blow that finishes you!

  • When Hector is first introduced, he gets rid of a guy just for being in his way.
    Hector: Hey! What's going on over there? Looks like some rough business. You! Soldier! Are you just going to stand there watch?
    Soldier: Who do you think you are? This is Santaruz. What occurs here is no affair of any foreign lordling!
    Hector: I believe I'm going to have to disagree with you. You see, the man they're attacking happens to be a friend of mine.
    Soldier: A friend? What? ...Urrrgh!!
    Hector: Sorry, but I'm in a hurry.
    • He tops himself a few chapters later, when he catches Florina and her Pegasus out of a freefall.
      • Even better, he had just got rid of an assassin sent by the Black Fang to eliminate him right at his own home in Castle Ostia! All because he wanted to go out and help Eliwood. Now that is Grade A Badass.
  • Karel is a walking Moment of Awesome. His introduction, supports, and in-game, this man truly earned the moniker "Sword Demon" and later "Sword Saint."
  • Nils the bard gets his own when he snaps his Brainwashed and Crazy sister Ninian out of her trance right in the middle of summoning a dragon, causing it to fall back into the Dragon's Gate and taking with it Ephidel, who had just two chapters prior killed one of the second-tier (second only to Lords) character's girlfriend, who has gained a Fanon Badass standing in her own right.
    • Right after that, we have a fatally injured man, literally seconds away from dying, dealing a BIG blow to the Big Bad that almost kills him right there, leaving him so wounded that he can't risk for even a second to take Ninian by the arm. Okay, Lord Elbert, now THAT is going out with a bang (and it's never specified what he uses to attack, so it could be a hidden, therefore weak blade, or possibly even his bare hands). Even Nergal had to admit it nearly killed him. Just imagine what his Strength stat would be if he was playable!
    • What about in the final chapter before the final battle where Ninian, recently brought back to life, kills two out of three dragons that appear from the Gate and severely wounds the third, all the while apologizing to them and without breaking a sweat? Remember, the one dragon that's still alive has been injured quite a bit, but is still the strongest enemy in the game and can put up a heavy fight against all your other characters. That puts the Fu in Waif-Fu.
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    • There's also how Ninian dies in the first place. To put it simply, Nergal is an epic troll.
      • Additionally, Ninian's other Moment Of Awesome is telling Nergal "Take Me Instead!" to protect Nils, intending to infight him and save her brother Nils from ending up as Nergal's slave. Considering that the kid is a still very weakened ice dragon forced to stay in human form to survive and aware that she is more likely than not facing death or imprisonment, doing that takes lots of courage.
    • Oswin, Hector's Lancer, gets his own when Hector demands to be told if his older brother Lord Uther, who's had a quite weak health lately (Incurable Cough of Death included), is alive or not. Oswin refuses to say anything since he had sworn to his boss to not tell a word until it was all over, so Hector threatens to kill him right on the spot with his axe. Oswin's reply? A calm Do as you must, not even blinking. That's how Hector realizes that Uther is dead as a doornail.
    • Another character with the nerve of steel in this game was Raven, who managed to scare his prison guard to let him do whatever he wanted.
      Raven: Hey, you. Let me out of here.
      Soldier: What?
      Raven: Marquess Ostia's brother is among your enemy, right? Let me out, and I'll help you. But I must have the brother. I've a score to settle with house Ostia.
      Soldier: Do you think me a fool? You work for house Caelin! I cannot trust your word!
      Raven: Then I'll have to break down this door and go through you. You were using Lucius as a hostage, but now he's here with me...
      Soldier: Uh...
      Lucius: No, Lord Raven! You mustn't! You cannot betray your debt to Marquess Caelin.
      Raven: Shut up, Lucius. You think me foolish, but you don't understand… How about it?
      Soldier: Very well. You! Get out! Remember, if you betray us, your companion dies.
      Raven: I see. Just remember, if that happens, you die next.
      Soldier: Urr…
  • When Nino finally stands up to Sonia. "You're no perfect being! You're a monster in human form! No mercy! No forgiveness!!!
    • The funny thing is, it turns out that she really wasn't a human.
    • Dedicating that mission to getting Nino up to level 20, then promoting her to Sage, just so you can have her take Sonia down with a minimum of assistance. It's satisfying, to say the least.
      • Imagine having Nino personally slay every single enemy unit on the map (except for that one Thief that runs away) and THEN taking down Sonia. Nino, now at around level 10 promoted, is set for the rest of the game. Now take into consideration that at level 10 promoted, the "worthless" Nino has the "perfect" Sonia hilariously outstripped in nearly every stat.
      • Yes, Nino goes from pathetic to badass, surpassing her "mother" literally right before Sonia's eyes, in the time it takes her to walk across a goddamned room.
    • Even more badass are Jaffar's lines with Sonia in that same chapter. What does an emotionless ex-assassin have to say to the woman who put his Morality Pet through fourteen-ish years of anguish and is currently trying to kill him and his newfound allies? Three words: "Here I come."
  • The last sequence before the final chapter starts. Basically a Moment of Awesome for the entire army, but especially for the lords. Hector or Eliwood standing up against Nergal, complete with Unshakable Faith and then every unit delivering his/her personal, epic line before finally starting the battle. Clearly indicating that a certain Dark Druid's annoying grin will finally be wiped from his face.
    • Particular mention must go to Jaffar's pre-battle quote if you pit him against Nergal. Just five words: "Wrong. I am a man".
  • You meet Pent and Hawkeye in the middle of the desert, with the former surrounded by bandits. Seeing as it's one of those missions that's considered an automatic failure if either of them dies, and NPCs tend to throw themselves in harm's way, you'd think this would be That One Level, especially since Pent is a spellcaster. Wrong. Watch in amazement as Pent dodges everything, and torches all of the enemies alive with Elfire, one by one. Every enemy's turn, expect another 15 members of their army to bite the dust. You practically don't even need to fight, unless you want to get the Sidequest.
    • To clarify, in order to get the sidequest for that level, your total army must get at least 700 experience points. In order to get there, you'll still want to rescue Pent ASAP, but not because he's in danger; rather because he's hogging your kills and not getting experience for them. This has led some people to call him Pent, the Experience Monster. It's no exaggeration to say that he and Hawkeye could take out the entire map by themselves, including the two bosses.
  • Florina gets a good one in Chapter 15, for flying all the way across the battlefield to meet Eliwood on Lyn's behalf. As she nears him, a bunch of archers fire arrows at her, and she dodges all of them. The fact that she loses her balance and falls down is a small price to pay; Florina successfully reached Eliwood and brought him to Lyn's aid, and dodged a giant barrage of arrows while doing it.
  • Jaffar's Last Stand turned Big Damn Heroes moment for Nino on Chapter 26. He refuses to assassinate Zephiel when she offers her own life instead, and tries to make an escape for her. This chapter is also a Luck-Based Mission, making it really feel like Jaffar is close to death several times to save a sweet, innocent little girl.
    • His AI will also heal himself and take out as many enemies as possible. Jaffar is really pushing himself for someone he fell in love with.
    • One of the main reasons this map is a Luck-Based Mission is that Jaffar can slaughter his way through all his opponents and end up charging the boss of the level which is a spellcaster he can't counter. It really feels like he's trying his best to cut the head off the snake, knowing full well he won't survive the attempt.
  • In Chapter 13 in Hector's route, we get this gem from Hector when the group is ambushed by Black Fang assassins:
    Hector: Who are you? No, never mind. Keep your name. Why should I care what a corpse is called?