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Awesome / Dracula Untold

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  • Anytime Vlad uses his powers and goes into One-Man Army mode, ultimately annihilating Sultan Mehmed's forces in an epic Mook Horror Show.
    • To make it even more awesome, when Vlad leads the charge, the storm clouds that herald his arrival take on the shape of a dragon, with the thunder and lightning adding to the overall effect.
  • Dracula uses bats like an army in this movie. Hundreds of thousands of bats are used like a literal force of nature. It's even more awesome than it sounds.
  • Vlad utilizing his Janissary training to good use against Hamza Bey and the Ottoman envoy. In a short span of time, Vlad cuts off both of Hamza's arms before landing a killing blow, and proceeds to kill the remaining envoy members with swords that he steals from them, and impales the last standing envoy through his throat right as he falls to his knees.
  • It takes a lot of balls to do what Vlad did, when it came to approaching the Master Vampire for help. "What sort of man crawls into his own grave, in search of hope?"
    • Bear in mind, also, that he climbed Broken Tooth Mountain in heavy armor and his cloak, which would complicate things at those heights. It takes a special kind of strength and agility to pull that off.
  • Vlad's first display of power against the Ottomans, bullrushing into the middle of a charging army and beating the crap out of a large chunk of them with just his fists, before he gets a hold of some swords and a spear.
    • One random soldier elevates himself to Badass Bystander by being the only one, to be fast and strong enough to react to Vlad's sword swings. Vlad gets his own by breaking his sword into two pieces and stabbing the soldier with it.
  • Mehmet's responses to Vlad are also pretty awesome - first, he prevents his forces from thinking about the stories of Vlad by making them march blindfolded, leading them, making them focus on following him. Then, he leaves a big shiny decoy in the centre of his army for Vlad to focus on, leaving his wife and child unattended. And finally, when Vlad hunts him down in his tent, he has Ingeras as a hostage and covers the floor in silver coins, while a wielding silver sword, periodically slashing bags full of more silver coins to weaken Vlad. If it wasn't for Vlad's sheer determination, he would have won. (Albeit probably for only about five minutes, before all the other vampires ate him and Ingeras). Evil the guy may have been, but he was smart.
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  • Vlad killing his now vampirized chief advisor when he threatens Ingeras. By impaling him on a spear, capped off with an awesome Pre-Mortem One-Liner:
    Vlad: You forget who I am. *impale*