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  • The first time the Demonbane arises to kick ass. In fact, every time it makes it's entrance to its awesome Leitmotif counts.
  • During the final battle in the Al route, Kurou and Therion go through a time portal to prehistoric earth, smash into the ground, and kill the dinosaurs.
  • In a meta-example, this series introduced the world to the "War God Demonbane", the undisputed largest Humongous Mecha in fiction ever. To clarify, its opponent "War God Liber Legis" supersizes itself to gain an advantage, but War God Demonbane copies that maneuver, leading to an ever-escalating arms race of size until they literally pop the universe they're in. They start going through other universes, too, which inevitably destroys those as well by brushing against them, simply because both Mecha are larger than those universes.
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  • "Elder God Demonbane" in the Sequel demonstrates what a god-tier entity can really do: "Athleta Aeternum". With the "Shining Trapezohedron", it summons a Demonbane of all shapes, sizes, types, and abilities from the infinite universes that exist, including those that do not exist because no timeline ever leads to their creation. Elder God Demonbane has them all perform a simultaneous "Lemuria Impact" alongside itself called "Lemuria Impact Ain Soph Aur", which more or less annihilates an entire universe in a single blow. Even Nyarlathotep knew it was screwed when it saw that being readied against it.The Big List 


  • In Al's route, when taking out Tiberius, not only does he slice the Belzebuth in half (from head to crotch), he puts Cthugua point blank to the cockpit, and executes the lunatic while saying See You in Hell. No less than two seconds later, said Anticross member is falling to his death, already roasting in perdition's fire.
  • Many characters go into a Heroic BSoD when their Love Interest appears dead. Not Kurou. Kurou will go into a magical armory, build some of the most devastating magical weapons he can, arm himself to the teeth, and swear bloody vengeance against foes who are now more powerful than he is, and he is well-aware of it. One of the things the anime actually got right was setting it to this music, which quite properly sets the tone.
  • Though the method he used was rather... unorthodox... Kurou manages to get two Great Old Ones to swear loyalty to him personally, allowing him to summon them even without Al Azif's help. Kurou is the only character in the series who has this privilege: everyone else has to go through a grimoire to call on the powers of Eldritch Creatures.


  • In Leica's route, Sandalphon hijacks Etheldreda and Liber Legis, replacing Master Therion as the Final Boss, through nothing more than unshakeable willpower and pure hatred of Metatron. This is even more impressive when the prequel novels reveal that Liber Legis is in fact literally part of Master Therion's being. He should really be the only person in existence who can control it. And yet...


  • In her route, she pilots the Demonbane and takes down Caligula's Deus Machina with the Lemuria Impact!
  • In the sequel, she gets attacked by Tiberius again. Her response this time is to calmly stare him down and refuse to give in to terror. Then when Azrad lends her the use of his copy of Al Azif, she uses the Scimitar of Barzai to blast Tiberius into smouldering chunks, causing him to flee. A far cry from the mostly helpless Damsel in Distress of the first game.


  • Most people whose commute to work is interrupted by a Destroyer Machine would probably shit themselves. Winfield's reaction is to jump over 30 meters in the air to punch out its goddamned eye!
  • Winfield's boxing skills are so awesome he can fight one-on-one with a samurai sorceror that can multi-wield katanas and has superhuman speed. Why? Because he's Winfield, that's why!

Doctor West and Elsa

  • His debut has him cement himself as Crazy Awesome when he tries to blow you up with a rocket launched from a guitar case.
    • Later used to great effect when Claudius tries to sabotage Demonbane's cockpit, and finds Doctor West waiting to greet him with a rocket to the face.
  • In Leica's route, Dr. West built a supersonic flight-capable motorcycle capable of killing Deus Machina. Yes. You read that right. He names it the "Hunting Horror".


  • The Tyrant was having fun beating no less than two members of Anticross at once. That is, until Master Therion showed her why he's the damn boss.
  • Therion beats up Demonbane... without his mech. One part of the battle has him casually uppercutting the 50-meter tall Demonbane and sending it flying hundreds of meters through the air.

Stone and Ness

  • Ness once threw a guy over his shoulder then tasered him in the eye. The guy he did this to was Tiberius!
  • Stone also proves he's hardcore by gunning down a zombie horde not long after.
  • The speech Ness gives to a dejected Stone after the destruction of Arkham City in Leica's route.


  • Unraveling Nyarlathotep's Clockwork Phantom form from within. Nyarlathotep thinks that Kuzaku doesn't have the power to mess up even a tiny piece of the machine. Kuzaku proves it wrong through sheer will and starts a chain reaction that has the Crawling Chaos scrambling to keep its form intact. Then Kuzaku proceeds to summon Demonbane Two-Swords, despite the fact that the Clockwork Phantom had previously absorbed the machine and made it a part of Nyarlathotep's being.
    Kuzaku: I may be a part of you... but if even one piece of a machine fails, then the entire thing will stop working!

Laban Shrewsbury

  • The old professor takes on Claudius in the sequel, and shows him the true power of Hastur and the Celeano Fragments. The kid never had a chance against him.

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