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Awesome Music / Demonbane

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To sum it up, if there is a vocal song (which is almost guaranteed to be performed by either Kanoko Ito, Yuichi Ikesawa, or Masatoshi Ono), it's going to be epic. Bonus points if it's performed live.

By Yuichi Ikesawa

  • "Kishin Houkou! Demonbane!" is essentially the vocal version of Demonbane's awesome Leitmotif, "Deus Machina"/"Kishin Houkou - Kosakusuru Hagane to Hagane."
  • "Jin, Shin, Ki -Man God Machine-", the opening of the anime, warms up with an eerie monologue (done in Engrish) before picking up the epicness.
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  • "Evil Shine" is often considered the defining example of Demonbane's awesome music.

By Masatoshi Ono

  • "In Cry of Vengeance" by Ono, an insert song used in the anime, is the perfect theme for Kurou preparing to get payback on the Anticross. It being sung in entirely in Engrish does not hinder it in the slightest.

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