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  • Sasuke gets side-swiped by a fist in his face when it turns out Cyborg's immune to Tsukiyomi.
  • Sasuke attempts to break Robin's mind using Tsukiyomi, digging up the events that led to his family's death in the circus. Not only does Robin pull a Never Heard That One Before bit on Sasuke, he manages to beat Tsukiyomi by spending the length of those three days bullshitting Sasuke until Sasuke is the one having the Freak Out!.
  • Everyone from Narutoverse's Rookie 12 gets their own at one point or another.
    • Special mention goes to Tenten's Moment. Figuring out the Automatic weapon she's been given has been tinkered with, taking into account the explosive rounds it's firing, firing it continuously until it overheats and explodes to escape her confinement chair, (and blowing her own arm off in the process,) then escaping into the base, Hiding in a supply crate, Cauterizing her own bloody stump of an arm with a flamethrower, grabbing grenades, and basically kicking luthor's security forces collective asses up down and sideways, then escaping with help from a Kid Flash she found and freed... Tenten's is the best I've seen so far. Goes right off my "Holy Shit!" Quotient scale.
    • Sakura, Lee, and Chouji vs Wonder Woman in the middle of deserted Gotham. Mostly belongs to Sakura for her TRAPS GALORE.
      • All of that chapter was awesome. Not only was there the fight with Wonder Woman. But there was also Sasuke vs Batman where Batman manages to hit Sasuke with his glove while it's on fire. Amaterasu fire.
      • Naruto vs Superman. All of it was just awesome.
        • Case in point Naruto lands a Oodama Rasengan and Rasenshuriken on Supes. In a row. Supes even comments on how the Rasenshuriken could have seriously wounded him and 1/10th of Metropolis had Green Lantern (John Stewart) not placed Naruto in a containment field.
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    • Rock Lee, Primary Lotus 'd Doomsday up high enough to see the curvature of the earth, then Secondary Lotus'd him into Death Valley from that orbit.
      • What makes it even better is that Lee did it while wearing a Green Lantern Ring.
      • And then, later on, when he is given the chance to keep using it when he returns to his own world, he refuses on the basis that it makes fighting too easy.
    • Neji using his training under Green Arrow to cobble together a Blue Kryptonite Arrow in the heat of battle, and kill Bizarro with it by shooting him in the eye! Let's not forget he did this while Bizarro was fighting a Venom-empowered Sakura.
    • Sai's journey through Titans' Tower to stop Ino's accidental mind rape of their friends.
    • In chapter 28, the part where Shikamaru finally reveals his Shadow abilities to Luthor and what he has done with them.
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  • Batman manages to psychologically evaluate some of the ninjas just from their behaviour in combat, and is pretty much spot on. Even Neji is impressed.
  • The Flash, Kid Flash, and Sasuke are trying to get through a door to free some prisoners. Unfortunately, Luthor designed the lock to be based on a chess board. It could only be unlocked by playing the game in one specific way. They can't just bust down the door because they think that'll end up triggering explosives. Just when Sasuke is about to just break down the door and let the Flashes save as many people as they can, Shikamaru's shadow comes out of a vent. Shikamaru then proceeds to solve the chess lock, from a completely different room, without being able to see the board, on his first try. Forever earning the title of Chessmaster for himself. At least in this story.

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