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Heartwarming / Connecting the Dots

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Spoilers Off applies to all Heartwarming pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Hinata asks Lois to tell her what Superman is like. She replies that he is so powerful and yet so human at the same time; that he is always nervous all the time due to fearing about his power going out of control and killing everyone; that he has this need to save everybody; and that he has all that power and yet uses it to help others without asking for anything in return, culminating with her saying that he is "so incredibly, unbelievably amazing."
    • Hinata replies with "I see.", with the narration stating "she completely recognized the person Lois was describing" and that she agreed he was amazing. In this case, it's safe to say that Lois' description of the Man of Steel also applies to a certain knucklehead ninja that Hinata has been admiring for so long.
  • The Spectre's Break the Haughty therapy finally starting to do its magic on Sasuke, after a generous passerby hands him a twenty dollar bill while he's begging on the streets of Gotham.
    Sasuke picked up the twenty and glanced at it. It seemed real enough. Would be a good start toward getting a gun again. Toward regaining power. Would be…Sasuke glanced over at Blind Pete. "Do you know where they sell tomatoes?"
  • Every conversation Reverend Norman McCay has with Sasuke, particularly the conversation that leads to the Title Drop.
  • Naruto finally getting together with Hinata, even after calling her out for her Stalker with a Crush tendencies and minimal prior interaction in canon but promising he'd give their relationship a shot to see if it really does work.
  • The epilogue reveals that Naruto and Hinata have been dating for four years, with Hinata also mentioning to Temari, Kurotsuchi, and Karui that Naruto has been trying to hide a ring box from her.