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  • John the Skrull's death, going out mouthing off to the enemy and how everyone reacted to it (Brian sums it up as "good on him").
  • Pete Wisdom versus Dracula in "Vampire State". Almost all of that story could be seen as Wisdom playing a game of "who is the bigger magnificent bastard" with Dracula. Given that Dracula himself in a hallucination considers Wisdom the biggest threat after Brian (who is literally as powerful as he needs to be) and Blade (who already killed Dracula at least once) then Wisdom is winning and where is Wisdom during the final battle? Having a nice picnic with a woman he fancies and explaining to her exactly how he's comprehensively screwed over Dracula.
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  • How the people of Britain respond to the death of Captain Britain. Don't worry, it doesn't last two issues. Tears. Anger. And PRIDE. The Skrulls MIGHT have won, then they did that. And managed to press the "We'll fight them on the beaches" button in the soul of the British people. Cut to "a regiment of SAS, some police officers and a doctor defending the last bridge before Westminster. We're going to give them hell".
  • Captain Britain. Excalibur (yes THAT Excalibur). Mouthy alien bragging about how Britain could be great if they didn't elevate mediocrity to an art. Brian's response? "We know all that. We just don't like to make a fuss".
  • What does Faiza Hussein, a regular doctor and Ascended Fangirl, do after a supremely powerful alien uses unstoppably powerful magic to slaughter dozens (if not hundreds) of soldiers and tells her to get out of his way so he can continue his rampage? She whispers, "no".
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  • The return of all the Marvel UK heroes in the series finale.
  • In Captain Britain And MI13 #3 when the Skrulls have managed to create a Magical Super Skrull who has till this point been owning the British heroes the newly resurrected Captain Britain returns to the fight in a truely awesome way.
    Magical Super Skrull: Why did magic choose to be kept here? With such a small people? You venerate the small. You look no further than your shores, you make epics of domestic trivia. You mourn your Empire, you whine and complain. You do nothing.
    Faiza Hussain: [being choked] —!
    Magical Super Skrull: [throws Faiza to the floor] You are the last defender of this bridge, of the prize beyond. Surrender. Kneel. I will spare you.
    Faiza Hussain: ...No.
    Magical Super Skrull: You think that is bravery?! Tiny things! Within the Skrull Empire you will know grandeur. You will know pride and determination and—
    Captain Britain: [off panel] I think you'll find we know already.
    Faiza Hussain: Allahu Akbar. Oh Allahu Akbar!
    THOOM! [the Magical Super Skrull is knocked off his feet by Excalibur]
    Captain Britain: We just don't like to make a fuss.
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  • John the Skrull manages to turn being executed into one, by mocking his former comrades right up to the moment he's shot. Pete Wisdom and Captain Britain even acknowledge that it was the proper way for him to go.
  • "Vampire State" is effectively a long series of Crowning Moments. For everyone. Some stunning ones: Dracula's secret Vampire base: the moon. Dracula trapped in a dreamscape by MI:13 calls Pete "Necessary Evil" Wisdom a genuine threat. Dracula is a tactical genius with centuries of experience and magical powers. Pete Wisdom is a mutant with the ability to create mini plasma blades from his fingers and, more importantly, a Magnificent Bastard. He proves this by outplaying Dracula at every turn, calling in every debt he's owed and then organizing an SAS attack on Dracula's base all the while on a date with some woman he met about a week before. Meggan Braddock gets one by mouthing off against Dracula and giving HOPE to hell. Hope. In Hell. She has an army of demons who would follow her to fight the Lords of Hell because she showed them her hopes. Ohh, and the team medic Fazia Hussain? Beats Dracula in a sword fight and tells him where he can jam his offers of surrender. And she's wielding Excalibur, which chose her as its wielder. Everyone else gets one as well, Brian Braddock, Blade, hell even "O", the thinly veiled 'Q' rip-off gets one.


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