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Funny / Captain Britain and MI13

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  • Faiza Hussain absent-mindedly pulling Excalibur out of a stone, then realizing what she's done.
  • Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, meets Faiza Hussain's parents:
    Yussuf Hussain: This is who they send to be diplomatic? I know where you got your linguistic skills, sir—in the Crusades! Yes, I know my super heroes too! So, was this is a deliberate insult? Or just institutional stupidity?!
    Dane Whitman: Erm... pass. We seem to have got off on the wrong foot. Dr. Hussain, if you and... Dr. Hussain would give me a moment to tell you about Dr. Hussain and I... During the battle we became very close. And so I've made... a big decision...
    Farida Hussain: You're getting married?!
    Faiza Hussain: Mum...
    Dane Whitman: What?! No! No! Of course not!!! ...I mean, not "of course not", because.... obviously, your daughter is... is... is... I mean... she's very... my steward! That's what I'm saying! I want her to be my new steward!
    Faiza Hussain: Oh, what?! Really?!
    Farida Hussain: It's always interesting, what happens when I say that to a boy.
    Yussuf Hussain: It's hard to be annoyed at him, Farida. That in itself is annoying.


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