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Bullet Points has its fair share of awesomeness. Some examples:

  • Steve Rogers, even unaware of Iron Man's existence, when told he couldn't last five minutes, he replied "At least I would serve my country. Those five minutes would be the most important of my life." Damn.
  • Hulk pulls off the "He's Back" trope pretty well when every single superhero is asked to fight for Earth against Galactus. And he does.
  • The aforementioned moment where Steve accepts to be Iron Man, even after being told about the consequences: "So? Where do I have to sign?"
    • While being operated upon, the surgery goes particularly slow. The surgeon can't go any faster for fear of causing Rogers more than pain than he can handle, and he can't give him any more anesthetic because he needs him lucid. Rogers begs him to go faster, and the doctor reluctantly does. Years later, the Doctor called Rogers' courage and heart "miraculous". That's right, Steve Rogers can make begging badass.
  • The two-page spread depicting the battle against Galactus.
  • Alternate Universe Reed Richards Is Awesome... at telling the president to shut up. When Reed says he doesn't know what to do (at that given moment), after the president wants a solution, Reed says "Maybe I haven't been clear enough." As subjective as being unable to do something can be, having Reed Richards essentially saying "I don't have anything at the moment, but I'm working hard and doing my best, now please shut the hell up" to the President of the United States is a sight to behold, especially when it's Reed Richards the one delivering the line.
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  • Tony Stark, after being told not to be a suitable Spiritual Successor for the Iron Man suit because of both his heart and his drinking habits, decides to take it anyway in order to help in the battle against Galactus. And Reed Richards, aware of the need of any possible help, agrees.

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