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Awesome / Beautiful Destroyer Sailor Moon

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A fic like this deserves its moments of awesome. Head back to the main page here.

  • Whenever a new Senshi arrives, they seem to get an Awesome Moment:
    • Sailor Moon's first fight...she didn't even need Moon Tiara Action for that one.
    • Sailor Mercury's first appearance also qualifies, as she kicks much ass herself.
    • Pluto making an Early-Bird Cameo in chapter 8 to bail Moon, Mercury, and Tuxedo Kamen out of a bind.
    • Rei roasts Jadeite though it doesn't stick.
    • Makoto spoils the Dark Kingdom's bus plan, and then rips the Yakuza a new one.
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    • Venus hasn't even appeared yet... But she's the reason Japan has only the relatively weak youma: she has already exterminated the strong ones in Japan, and there's not many strong ones available because they're tied up in Europe fighting her.
  • Chapter 11 is a crowning chapter worthy of Gurren Lagaan.
  • Chapter 14 again brings the awesome, as the youma, for once, isn't finished off by the Senshi, but by Ranma Saotome, Scott Pilgrim, and Natalie Adams in retaliation for her draining Kim close to death.
    • Heroes of Gunstar also gives the Senshi their theme song.
  • In chapter 15, Tuxedo Kamen, Shingo as the Moonlight Knight, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury defeat two realistic golems, with powers included, of Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa.
  • This simple exchange between Beryl and Zoisite reveals awesome to come.
    Beryl: "You got your ass beaten by a Catholic Priest, and not the way you're used to."
    Zoisite: "He was a magic priest! He stabbed me with like a million knives! I almost died!"
    • That's related to tie in Sage of Toads has been working on for a while, and has referenced a few other times ("the Ministry of Magic, Nazi Vampires, what are you getting yourself into?", and a reference to Artemis handling her business with "Millennium") - a crossover between Hellsing Ultimate Abridged and Harry Potter.
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  • Black Widow in Power Armour. That is all.
  • Beryl showing off just how powerful she is. Enough to overpower Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Iron Man, Iron Widow, and others... And then Mercury sent her running for the hills.


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