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Awesome / A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You have been warned.

  • In her first nightmare, Kristen is in full Heroic Bystander mode, trying to keep a little girl from being killed by Freddy rather than just trying to save herself. The fact that the girl isn't real doesn't undermine Kristen's bravery in that scene.
  • Kristen summons Nancy into her second nightmare to protect her against Freddy (who has transformed into a snake and is trying to eat Kristen). Nancy proceeds to stab him in the eye.
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  • Will and Joey manage to combat the nightmares relatively better than the other kids by taking turns staying awake so that one of them can wake up the other as soon as he starts making sounds that indicate Freddy is attacking him in his dreams.
  • When Dr. Sims won't give dream suppressants to the kids, Gordon threatens to go to their superior, Dr. Carver, and that he'll either get Carver's permission or he'll quit.
  • When Joey sees Phillip standing on the clock tower, seemingly about to commit suicide (really Freddy is controlling him) he does an incredible job of raising the alarm and trying to save Phillip despite being mute. He grabs his roommate Will out of his bed and carries him to the window, pointing, then races off while Will yells for Phillip not to do it (breaking the window to do so). Joey then runs up to the duty nurse, gesturing wildly to alert her, and grabs a lunch tray that he bangs on the walls as he runs down the hallway, alerting everyone else so they can join in yelling for Phillip not to jump.
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  • The reveal that the group hypnosis works and everyone is in the dream world gets off to a cool start when the paraplegic Will is able to stand up and then uses magic to turn a floating ball bearing into a butterfly.
  • Though it was for nothing, the fight between Neil, Donald Thompson and Freddy's skeleton was pretty awesome. Though he died, Donald delivered one of the most cool Badass Boasts in movie history.
    Donald: It's really you. I killed you once before you son of a BITCH!!
  • As Narmy as Kristen's whining throughout the movie during the last bit when she is forced into the padded room and sedated, she tells off Doctor Sims.
  • The reveal of Joey's dream power.
  • Taryn cuts Freddy, and he actually seems to feel it, unlike most wounds he's suffered or inflicted upon himself throughout the franchise. Presumably she really, really believed she could kick his ass.
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  • When Nancy is pulled into Kristen's dream and sees her being devoured by the Freddy worm, her immediate reaction is to grab a piece of glass and stab him in the eye. Freddy immediately flees, showing he's just not ready to tango with Nancy Thompson again.
    Freddy: You...!
  • Gordon managing to finish Freddy despite being hit with the shovel.
  • A sleazy orderly tries to tempt recovering addict Taryn into having sex with him in exchange for drugs. She threatens to report him and tells him to get lost. She unflinchingly avoids the temptation of going off the wagon, even amid her friends dying and the horrific nightmares she's been having. It's a rare powerful moment of personal strength that doesn't have any direct part in the fight against Freddy.
  • In the music video for "Dream Warriors, Dokken saves Nancy from Freddy through The Power of Rock.

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