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Awesome / A Clockwork Orange

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  • Alex giving Georgie and Dim a correction for contesting his leadership, in slow motion.
  • Meta-example. Before filming the scene in which Julian carries Frank Alexander's wheelchair up the stairs, David Prowse, who played Julian, asked Stanley Kubrick, due to the difficulty of the task, to film the scene in as little takes as possible. When Prowse said, "You're not exactly known as 'one-take-Kubrick', are you?", the crew reacted in horror, surprised that Kubrick was talked to like this. Kubrick, however, laughed and promised to do his best. The scene was then filmed in only three takes, an incredibly small amount for Kubrick. Even so, Prowse was near exhaustion from the repeated takes of carrying Frank and his wheelchair down the stairs.
  • Though it ends in her death, the Cat Lady's fight against Alex could count as this. Unlike his previous victims, she doesn't cower and cringe, but angrily orders him out of her house before going after him full throttle. Most notably, she doesn't fall for his "car crash" ploy, instead phoning the police and hence setting the wheels in motion for his arrest.


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