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Despite its dark nature, the film version of A Clockwork Orange has some scenes that are actually pretty funny:

  • The second time they're in the Milk Bar, a woman is singing classical music. Alex is enraptured by this, his gaze focused on her the whole time. Then Dim blows a loud raspberry, making Alex instinctively wallop him with his cane without even looking back at him.
  • The fight scene involving the Cat Lady and Alex. And this earlier exchange:
    • Alex's reaction towards the Crazy Cat Lady's perverted taste in "art" combined with Malcolm McDowell's delivery is first-class.
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    • He gets particularly interested in the phallic statue standing right next to him and starts poking it, much to the lady's annoyance. Much to his surprise, the statue starts rocking and he jumps back a bit.
    • What ultimately provokes the lady into attacking him? Alex karate chopping the statue twice!
    • There's something to be said for the absurdity of the old woman swinging a bust of Beethoven at Alex while swearing. While Alex uses the phallus statue to keep her away.
  • Mr. Deltoid drinking out of a glass of water containing a pair of dentures.
  • A doctor and a nurse making out behind some hospital curtains rush out half dressed when they realize Alex has regained consciousness.
  • Alex's responses to the picture slides in his recovery:
    • "My mind is a blank! Er... and I'll smash your face... for you, yarblockos!"
    • "Cabbages! Knickers! It's not got a - a beak!"
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    • "No time for the old in and out, love. I've just come to read the meter!"
    • "You know what you can do with that watch? Stick it up your arse!
    • "Eggiwegs. I would like to smash 'em. And pick em all up... and THROW- *hits himself* OW! Fucking hell."
  • The fast-forwarded threesome scene, set to a frantic synth rendition of the William Tell Overture.
  • While Pete, Georgie and Dim are waiting for Alex to come out of his apartment, Dim is sitting in a broken baby carriage, pretending to drive a car.
    • Pretty much all of the guard's dialogue and actions
  • Alex imagining himself taking part in the violent acts in the bible (and later the orgies).
  • After all the crime, depravity, psychological torture, and disturbing examinations of dystopia, what does Kubrick choose to play over the film's end credits? "I'm siiiiingin' in the rain... Just siiiiiingin' in the rain..."
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  • Apparently, Stanley Kubrick wasn't happy enough with turning a breezy song like "Singing in the Rain" into an hymn for depravity, he had to further the joke by not paying Gene Kelly for it. Kelly was pissed and even cut McDowell dead at a party once because of it. When McDowell found out the reason decades later, he roared with laughter.
  • (While being interviewed by the journalist) Alex: "...It always feels like something terrible is about to happen to me" <head falls into plate of pasta with a loud splat; knocked out by drugged wine>
  • Alex popping open his mouth to be fed towards the end.
  • When Mr. Alexander was trying to get Alex to drink his wine.
    Mr. Alexander: Food alright?
    Alex: Great, sir, great.
    Mr. Alexander: TRY THE WINE!


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