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Analysis / Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics

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Common core aesthetics in some Video Game Genres

Such analysis was not included in the original paper, so here is an attempt to categorize some common genres according to the MDA taxonomy:

  • Action Game: Challenge, Fantasy, Sensation
    • Action-Adventure: Challenge, Fantasy, Sensation, Narrative
    • Fighting Game: Challenge, Fantasy, Sensation, Competition
    • Multiplayer Shooter: Challenge, Fantasy, Sensation, Competition (competitive online), Fellowship (team-based online)
  • Adventure Game: Challenge, Narrative
  • Environmental Narrative Game: Narrative, Discovery
  • Horror Game: Narrative, Sensation
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  • Immersive Sim: Sensation, Fantasy, Challenge, Discovery, Expression, Narrative
  • Puzzle Game: Challenge
  • Role-Playing Game: Submission (see Extra Credits on RPGs)
    • Eastern RPG: Submission, Narrative
      • Action RPG (Eastern variety): Submission, Narrative, Sensation
      • Strategy RPG: Submission, Narrative, Challenge
    • MMORPG: Submission, Competition, Expression, Fantasy, Fellowship
    • Roguelike: Submission, Challenge, Discovery
    • Western RPG: Submission, Fantasy, Expression
      • Dungeon Crawler: Submission, Fantasy, Expression, Challenge (plus Fellowship and Competition if Co-Op Multiplayer is included)
      • Sandbox RPG: Submission, Fantasy, Expression, Discovery
      • Narrative RPG: Submission, Fantasy, Expression, Narrative
  • Stealth-Based Game: Challenge, Discovery, Fantasy, Sensation
  • Strategy Game: Challenge, Competition (online), Discovery, Expression, Fantasy
  • Visual Novel: Narrative, Sensation (art)
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  • Wide Open Sandbox: Discovery, Expression


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