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The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre actually has several reused elements throughout all games that they end up creating archetypes on their own, be they skill archetype or character archetype. Much like the Bioware character page, this will be listing the reoccuring elements throughout the MOBA genre. These only works within the MOBA genre, not any other. Again, think of it like the Bioware character pages.


This analysis will use eight titles as a basis. These titles are: Dota 2, League of Legends, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Heroes of Newerth, Awesomenauts, Vainglory and Arena of Valor. Other games can go to the Other examples and if there are enough occurrences, they can be included as a new column. In addition, since Hero Shooter is derived from this genre, whenever applicable, there will be another extra row to chronicle the Hero Shooter examples. (In case of Overwatch, if the character has been included in Heroes of the Storm, put them in the Heroes of the Storm cell. If there's a significant difference between the two versions, it should be noted)

If the table-column work does not please your eyes, you can also access this work-in-progress page and help things out for a more concrete explanation page.


The format will be as follows (WIP)

Archetype Name
Dota 2 examples League of Legends examples Smite examples Heroes of the Storm examples
Heroes of Newerth examples Awesomenauts examples Vainglory examples Arena of Valor examples
Other examples (if applicable)
Hero Shooter examples (if applicable)

Character Archetypes

Based on their Gameplay/Skillset

The Stealth Character
Heavily reliant on stealth that can be activated with a skill. If the game has a stealth detection, then it could spell their doom.
Gondar, Clinkz, Nyx AssassinShaco, TwitchLoki, Ao Kuang, Izanami, The Morrigan, JormungandrSamuro, Valeera
Fayde, GrinexLeon Chameleon, KseniaTaka, Kestrel, FlickerBatman, Quillien
The Spy, Sombra, Skye, Strix, Sha Lin

The Permanent Stealth Character
Upgraded from the 'Stealth Character', these characters passively go into stealth without using an active skill. Generally the stealth will only activate out of combat, so they may have a harder time disengaging.
RikiEvelynnN/AZeratul, Nova
Night Hound, Scout, GeomancerN/AN/AN/A

The Idle Stealth Character
Variation of the 'Stealth Character', the character has a skill to go stealth, but the drawback is that they HAVE to stay idle to maintain it. Any movement means that the stealth is broken. To compensate, they may receive bonuses once they break out of their stealth.
Templar AssassinAkali, TeemoSerqetAll stealth heroes, Erik (Lost Vikings)

The 'Gets More Dangerous At Low Health' Hero
Exactly What It Says on the Tin. This hero gains a lot of advantages the closer they are to death, so a lot of their gameplay revolves around getting them close enough to death and then turning the tables while still on low health.
Huskar, TerrorbladeTryndamere, OlafHercules, IzanamiZul'jin, Mal'Ganis
Maliken, Martyr, Amun-RaAylaN/ATaara

The Anti-Mage
These characters either specialize in countering mages or are better suited against them through silences, extra protection against magic, draining mana, or punishing spell-casting. Either assassins or mages themselves.
Anti-Mage, Silencer, Omniknight, Nyx Assassin, PugnaKassadinNox, Ah Puch, IsisAnub'arak, Stukov, Valeera
Magebane, Vindicator, Jeraziah, Balphagore, MoiraKsenia, GenjiN/AN/A

The Healing Hero
A support hero that excels in protecting carries by restoring lost health. Occasionally, they might possess a global-heal ultimate. When they're not healing, they may also possess protection buff spells for their allies. At times they might risk of having Crippling Overspecialization of being extremely good at healing and protection and very poor at hero-killing, thus this role is not likely to become a carry.
Omniknight, Chen, Enchantress, Dazzle, OracleSoraka, JannaAphrodite, Hel, SylvanusThe entire Healer class, but especially Lt. Morales
Jeraziah, Ophelia, Demented Shaman, Pearl, Rhapsody, Skrap, ArtesiaVoltarLyra, PetalPeura
Lady Tinder, Viyana
The Medic, Mercy, Zenyatta, Moira, Ying, Mal'Damba, Grover, Grohk, Seris

The Turret Master
A character whose gameplay revolves around creating mini-turrets that fire whenever an enemy is close by. It will take extra effort to push on a lane with this character.
VenomancerHeimerdingerVulcanGazlowe, Probius
Lex Luthor
The Engineer, Torbjorn, Symmetra, Barik

The Illusionist
A character that has the ability to fool the enemy into thinking that they're attacking them, only for them to reveal that they're somewhere else. Aside from trickery, it can be used for various juking. Smart players can spot the illusion easily, such as which one is moving awkwardly, which one has their attack power reduced or dealing no damage at all, or which one is running away instead of blindly attacking them nonstop. Of course, the hero can also fool the enemy with even better mind games, pretending that they're the illusion and making the enemy think that the illusion is the real deal, only to reveal that they're actually chasing the illusion. Confused yet?
Phantom Lancer, Terrorblade, Naga Siren, Chaos KnightLeBlanc, Wukong, Neeko, FiddlesticksSun Wukong, The MorriganNova, Samuro
Circe, Silhouette, XemplarLeon ChameleonN/AN/A

The Melee-Ranged Switcher
This hero uses a Stance System in which they modify whether their normal attacks becomes melee or ranged. They tend to be carries and have their own way to deal with enemies that get too close. Their skillset usually changes as their mode changes. One of the oft-used practices of this is by having the hero be a shapeshifter into an animal, since their beast form allows them to have a skill set that their human forms couldn't have and vice versa.
Troll Warlord, Lone DruidJayce, Elise, NidaleeArtio, Tiamat, UllrGreymane
Blue Beetle, Faris

Temporary Ranged Switcher
A lesser version of the Melee-Ranged Switcher. They tend to be melee heroes, but they have a skill that enables them to attack at range for a short period of time, before reverting back to melee. For this, it's often to mind attack speed when using this character, even if they used to be a mage archetype.
Terrorblade, Dragon KnightKayle, GnarFreyaGenji
Maliken, MyrmidonAdmiral SwigginsIdrisN/A
Winston, Makoa

The Ranged-Ranged Switcher
Yet another variant on the Stance System, this is a hero who changes between two different auto attack modes, but both are ranged. Usually one attack is fast but low damage while the other is slower, deals more damage, and might have inherent drawbacks. Unlike its Melee-Ranged cousin, changing the actual skills is much less common.
N/AJinx, ApheliosN/AFenix, D.Va
Master of ArmsTed McPain, Chucho Krokk, Derpl ZorkN/AN/A
Imani, Strix

The Newbie Hero
This hero isn't a newbie, but is very beginner friendly and usually is the hero to guide new players in case they enter the Tutorial. Don't mistake them as weaklings though, because in the hands of expert player, they can be just as deadly as the harder heroes. May also serve as a 'poster boy/girl' for the games.
Sniper, Lich, Lion, UrsaAshe, Annie, Garen, SonaNeithRaynor, Li Li
Swiftblade, Blood Hunter, GlaciusSheriff Lonestar, The Scoop of JusticeN/AValhein
Soldier: 76, Viktor, Oscar Mike

The Linker
A hero whose gameplay revolves around linking themself to an allied hero, usually granting them bonus attributes. This can lead into Difficult, but Awesome because their effectiveness is affected by how good their linked allies' are. It could spell total disaster if you get separated from your linked ally, but if the hero is already self-sufficient on their own, that might be only a minor hindrance.
IoKalista, Taric, Yuumi, RellAphroditeAbathur, Auriel
EmpathIx the InterloperN/AN/A

The Recruiter
These heroes can quickly convert neutral mercenaries. If the neutrals are controllable, then they become something of Difficult, but Awesome hero because you have to learn what each neutral does what to optimize their combat capabilities.
Chen, Enchantress(formerly) MordekaiserN/AAny Hero with a Bribe-like talent
Ophelia, DeadliftN/AN/AN/A

Frontline Mage Tank
Typically as a mage, you would stay the hell away from the frontline. However, when using these mages, you might feel better if you are in the front, maybe because this mage is naturally tanky or has skills that encourage them to be in the frontline, either through debilitating debuffs or great sustain. They most likely would be a mage version of Mighty Glacier.
Necrophos, Ogre Magi, LeshracSwain, Ryze, Vladimir, AnnieHades, Zhong Kui, Baron SamediCho'Gall, Orphea
Soul Reaper, OogieGenjiN/AN/A

The Devourer
These heroes have a tendency to make a unique use to their creeps/minions: Eat them. Why smack them dead when they can become nutrition or sorts for possibly extra abilities? Sometimes, though, it would be just an instant kill for these creeps/minions. While the usage of these consumed beings vary per hero, the basic idea is the same: This hero can be portrayed as a Big Eater that feasts on creeps/minions. This kind of hero usually falls onto the evil side of the alignment axis.
DoomTahm Kench, Cho'gathBakasuraStitches

Kill Cooldown Resetter
Some heroes have a way to decrease their own cooldown, but only partially by only decreasing it per seconds or decreasing its max cooldown timer. These guys take the concept up to eleven: They have ways, usually by killing someone or assisting, to completely reset or massively decrease the cooldown of one or all of their abilities, enabling them to kill one hero, refresh their skill(s), then repeat, creating a chain of killing that with enough skill, executes a Total Party Kill.
AxeKatarina, Master Yi, Tristana, Darius, Kha'Zix, Pyke, Samira, VexScylla, AchillesLi-Ming, Greymane, Genji
Kindra, Basko, Zalgus

One True Pet Master
Summon magic is pretty common in this genre. But sometimes, there are heroes that only settle with one pet. They are directly controllable, and instead of being summoned, they stick to the hero like glue; it's like you control two heroes at once, but only one is a full hero. This pet is more durable than other summons, and sometimes they cannot be hit at all, just following you and attacking. Kill the hero, and usually the pet will follow in death, kill the pet (if you can), then the hero will be severely crippled until the pet comes back.
Lone Druid, Dark WillowKindred, Orianna, QuinnSkadi, Erlang Shen, HeraRexxar, Raynor
Wildsoul, TrembleN/AN/AN/A
Moji, Io

The Micromanagement Heavy Gimmick Hero
This hero will stick out a lot among the others because they have one gimmick that affects how they are managed by the player, which can be radically different than every other hero, either needing to memorize a lot of things, demanding extremely good split-second positioning or needing to control many non-creep, precious units. They also form a core of their gameplay too, so micromanagement is a must to play this hero. Basically, this hero is the essential Difficult, but Awesome; master the gimmick and do the micromanagement well, and you've got yourself a powerful hero.
Invoker, Rubick, MeepoDraven, Kalista, Azir, ApheliosThe Morrigan, Merlin, King ArthurAbathur, The Lost Vikings, Samuro with Illusion Master, Deathwing
Circe, GeminiN/AN/AN/A

The Poisoner
A hero that specializes in poisons and damage-over-time. A very powerful hero that can kill you even if they die. Comes in two flavours; The first applies a flat poison, usually a large base amount, the second applies a stacking poison that can become quite high with enough focus-fire.
Venomancer (Flavor 1), Viper (Flavor 1), Dazzle (Flavor 2)Teemo (Flavor 1), Cassiopeia (Flavor 1), Twitch (Flavor 2), Singed (Flavor 1), Lillia (Flavor 1)Serqet (Flavor 2)Nazeebo (Flavor 1), Lunara (Flavor 2), Malthael (Flavor 1), Ana (Flavor 2), Qhira (Flavor 2)
Slither (Flavor 1), Bushwack (Flavor 2)Gnaw (Flavor 1), Qi'Tara (Flavor 2)N/AN/A
Skye (Flavor 1)

Corpse Manager
These heroes makes great use of corpses, usually raising them as friendly minions and/or gathering them as resources. They either bring out their stack of corpses somewhere, or just use the corpses lying on the battleground. Also for bonus points, they sometimes blow those corpses up.
Wraith KingYorickAh PuchXul

Aura Dancer
These heroes possess multiple auras that mostly buff their teammates, but only one may be active at a time. To facilitate with this, either their whole gameplay or one of their skills involve switching what aura they will use for the time, and can be used until they switch again, fitting the aura to what the team needed at the moment.
DoomSonaAmaterasu, HelLucio

HP Spender
This is a hero with a key skill in their kit which is cast using health, either alongside or instead of mana. Some heroes have an entire kit that can only be cast with health. Users of this almost always have ways of recovering their lost HP, making them not totally suicidal.
Pudge, Huskar, PhoenixZac, Dr. Mundo, Soraka, Vladimir, MordekaiserThanatosGul'dan, Zul'jin, Alexstrasza
Amun-RaAyla, ClunkN/AN/A
Fenmore, Viyana

Bounty Hunter
Though not always possessing the job description, there's usually a hero with a bounty mechanic put on the enemy. Basically, these heroes mark an enemy globally and they either receive bonus when fighting the marked enemy, or when killing them. The bonuses vary between games, but the hunter and the hunted know who's got the bounty on whose head. The marks are either put on manually or automated depending on the character.
Bounty HunterGaren, KindredKaliAlarak

Furious Enrager
Sometimes, mana gets an alternate resource bar, and the most common one is Fury. These characters use the concept of Fury as their alternative to mana, gained by either dealing or taking damage, encouraging them to fight a lot to utilize their skills. Fury will usually max out at 100, but if that state is reached, the character basically becomes a bigger force to be reckoned with. The Barbarian Hero is a common user of this archetype.
N/ATryndamere, Shyvana, Renekton, GnarCu ChulainnSonya, Hogger
Freia, Viridian

The Bonus Boss
Always unplayable, each MOBA usually has a super monster that is very tough to beat and is almost impossible to solo, especially at low levels. At high levels, it may be possible to solo them, but will take a lot of effort, so it's better to group up against it. It usually yields a big reward. Occasionally a lesser version can appear, it'll be called 'Bonus Sub Boss'.
Roshan Baron Nashor, Rift Herald, Dragon (sub boss), VilemawFire Giant, Gold Fury (Sub Boss), Siege Beast, Apep/ApophisVarious Boss Mercs
Kongor Solar BossN/AKraydus (Sub Boss), Dark Slayer
Chandara, Baldir (Sub-Boss), The Parasite

Based on their Theme

The Hooded Archer
Usually a carry and depicted as an archer who wears hood. Typically uses enchanted arrows (often ice-themed) that tends to slow down the enemy, and if female, likely to end up as an alluring character.
Drow Ranger, WindrangerAsheUllr, SkadiSylvanas, Valla
Rook, Kensu

The 'Bodybuilder' Hero
Invoking Arnold Schwarzenegger is rather fun, so these heroes end up with pretty stacked muscles and tend to be the brute force of the team. They always have a gruff accent, typically Scottish, Russian, or based on Arnie's.
SvenSionChaac, HerculesSonya, Zarya
HammerstormSkølldir, DeadliftN/AN/A

The Music Fighter
They're the characters that are musical-themed. They also tend to have the ability to make their targets dance to their music, but only if their game allows free dancing for everyone.
N/ASona, SeraphineApolloETC, Lucio

The Medusa
Slithery snakey lady based on the mythological figure herself. Tends to have a petrification eye for their Ultimates.

The Moon Champion
Moon-based heroes are very popular choices for characters in a MOBA genre, always appearing in any title. Those who wield the power tends to be ladies, and in case of male, having a more androgynous feature.
Mirana, LunaDianaAwilix, Chang'e, TsukuyomiTyrande
Moon Queen, Solstice(night-form only)N/AN/ALindis

The Sun Champion
Naturally, opposing the moon-based ones. They're a bit fairer on the sex, however, they don't always present themselves when the Moon is always a staple archetype.
Phoenix, DawnbreakerLeonaRa, Apollo, Hou Yi, Khepri, Sol, AmaterasuKael'thas
Amun-Ra, Solstice(day-form only)N/AN/AYorn

The Dragon Hero
Has two variations: A character that has an ultimate about turning into a dragon, or a character who is a literal dragon from the get-go.
Dragon Knight (humanoid to dragon), Jakiro (already dragon), Winter Wyvern (already dragon)Shyvana (humanoid to dragon), Aurelion Sol (already dragon)Ao Kuang (humanoid to dragon, he only does so if his Ultimate kills his target), Fafnir (humanoid to dragon)Alexstrasza (humanoid to dragon), Deathwing (already dragon), Chromie (it's complicated)
Draconis (already dragon)Nibbs (already dragon)N/AN/A
Drogoz (already dragon)

The Wolf Hero
Because wolves are cool, usually there's some heroes based on wolves, either they are Wolf Men, heroes that shapeshift into wolves, they're bipedal wolves, or they are actually a literal, non bipedal wolf.
Lycan (shapeshifting)Warwick (bipedal)Fenrir (bipedal)Greymane (shapeshifting, bipedal), Rehgar (shapeshifting)
Gemini (literal wolf)N/AFortress (literal wolf)N/A
Fenrir (bipedal), Fenmore]]

The Bear Hero
Bears are one of the most popular animals to feature in a MOBA (aside from dragons and wolves) largely due to their ferocity and deadliness. Like the two above, these are either those who shapeshift into a bear, already being a bear, or sometimes crosses over with the One True Pet Master and has a bear for a pet. Always remember, when traversing the lanes, never trust a... BEAR (Pandas do not count as they are less ferocious and often more technical)
Ursa (already bear), Lone Druid (shapeshift to bear, bear pet)Volibear (already bear)Artio (shapeshift to bear)Rexxar (bear pet)

The Minotaur
The minotaur is the most frequent mythical creature to become a popular recurring type of hero featured in MOBA games. They're often featured with a way they could bull-rush forward, preferably with their horns on, as well as mostly geared for being tanky disruptors.
Spirit BreakerAlistarN/AE.T.C

The Burrowing Terror
A hero whose trait is that they mostly look arthropodic, mostly in form of a bug or scorpion, and they channel the power of Earth to burrow themselves to the ground, mostly dash forward and anyone that gets in the way of their burrow dash gets popped to the sky and then landing stunned. Of course, burrowing attacks aren't the whole sum of their powers...
Sand King, Nyx Assassin (with Aghanim's Scepter)Rek'SaiJormungandrAnub'arak, Dehaka
Geomancer, TrembleN/AN/AN/A

The Time Master
Heroes that specializes with time, capable of stopping enemies and slowing them down. Occasionally, they may also have an ultimate that rewinds time, bringing back mostly themselves to their condition several seconds past.
Faceless Void, WeaverZilean, EkkoChronosChromie, Tracer
ChronosMax Focus, YuriN/AN/A

The Blademaster
A master swordsman who fights with just their blades, and maybe some willpower. Usually the blade will be Oriental/Eastern style. They have great focus in their sword play that has emphasis on accuracy, so if they're carries, they will benefit from auto attack-boosting items - especially ones that grant better critical strikes.
Juggernaut, Ember SpiritMaster Yi, Yasuo, YoneSusanoSamuro, Genji

The BFS Knight
A Foil of The Blademaster above, more likely to be Unskilled, but Strong with their BFS unlike The Blademaster's focus on skill, though they may compensate with some minor magic. If the Blademaster has Eastern style, then the BFS Knight would be something of a Western knight. They tend to have a knightly personality to them, though morality is another story. They are more likely to be a close range Bruiser or Tank.
SvenGaren, Riven, TryndamereTyr, King ArthurArthas, Tyrael, Varian (with Colossus Smash)
KaneThe Scoop of JusticeN/AArthur, Astrid

The Shield Sentinel
Similar to the BFS Knight, only mostly done in a rather defensive tank manner. These knightly characters use both sword (though other weapons can apply) and shield... and yet their swords usually do nothing except for normal attacks (granted, with proper item, it can be just as deadly). However, their shield is one that must be watched out for, they often have the ability to bash their enemies, mostly stuns or disables. As stated, their toughness is usually more displayed than their brute strength, so the shield may be a symbol of that. Unlike the BFS Knight, they don't exactly eschew magic; most of their damage skills are usually magical in nature.
Dragon KnightLeonaBellona, CabrakanJohanna, Varian (with Taunt)
N/AN/AN/AThane, Wonder Woman
Reinhardt, Fernando

The Tanking Axe Warrior
There's always this kind of guy in a MOBA with these traits: They're huge, they're powerful close range combatants, and they wield a Big Frackin' Axe. They may also double as Tanks and often have a skill where they spin their axe around them.
AxeDariusChaac, Xing TianGarrosh

Frenzied Twin Axe Thrower
As a brother archetype of the Tanking Axe Warrior, this is when someone decides that one axe is not enough and decides to wield two at once and for good measure, tend to also throw them around, making them more fit as an ADC. They also tend to possess a frenzy trait, one of their trades is that they throw their axes in an increased speed, outmatching those who wield bows, as well as to show that they're rather... unhinged. They may hit harder and faster than their brother-archetype, but they're more likely to go down quicker.
Troll WarlordDraven, OlafUllr, HeimdallrZul'jin
Freia, Basko

The Sticky Spear Warrior
When you have a spear fighter in a MOBA, and we mean for close range, there is a chance that the user is seriously sticky. As in, they will do their best to stick close at you, and unload a lot of (mostly) normal attacks to kill you while preventing your escape via slowing, body-blocking, etc. If that is the case, sometimes they have a steroid to make their normal attacks hurt more. They do like their stabbings too much.
Phantom LancerXin Zhao, PantheonGuan Yu, Erlang Shen, Cu Chulainn, AchillesImperius, Cassia
N/AN/AN/AZanis, Zephys

The Ninja
Instant Awesome, Just Add Ninja also spreads into the MOBA genre. You can easily spot these ninjas if you look at them wearing the ninja hood that covers their mouth at most. They come with all the spectacles you expect from a ninja, from mystical ninjutsu, trickery and sometimes stealth (although the latter is relatively rare). Most Ninjas tend to be Glass Cannons that excel at taking out a single target, but there are exceptions.
Templar Assassin, Bounty HunterShen, Akali, Kennen, ZedTsukuyomiGenji, Zeratul
Koga, Vatu

The Rock Monster
Giant monoliths that can break down anything in its path. They are giant rock that are slow but can deal devastating damage, or being sturdy enough to take a lot of punishment. They can kind of count as the Earth part for the Elemental Heroes. (See below)
Tiny, Earth SpiritMalphiteGebN/A

The Monkey King
A character who is based on the monkey king, Sun Wukong, or sometimes literally is the very Monkey King himself. They often have a skill that leaves behind a decoy, overlapping with The Illusionist archetype.
Monkey KingWukongSun WukongN/A, but Samuro has a Monkey King skin.
Monkey KingN/A, but Skree has a Skree Wukong skinOzoSun Wukong

Men Of Seas
Those humanoid people with sea themes. Most often a Pirate. Often possessing a lot of sea/navy themes, or Making a Splash, or just plain Pirate themes. Occasionally Talks Like A Pirate, peppering words with 'Ahoy!' or 'Mate' or things like that.
KunkkaGangplank, Miss Fortune, PykeN/ACaptain Blackheart (announcer at Blackheart's Bay)
N/AAdmiral SwigginsN/AN/A
Caprice, Kahgen, Tess

The Avenger
A character who has one theme: Vengeance. They seek revenge on someone, and can be very nasty and persistent in battle. And you better beware if you happen to pick the character they're taking revenge on, because they're usually tailor-made to counter that type of hero.
Vengeful SpiritKalistaNemesisMaiev
Reaper, Furia

The Spider Queen
There's always those scary Giant Spider found on the MOBA. If they are not being The Poisoner, they are probably utilizing their webs to various effects. Spawning mini spiders are also a staple of their abilities too. Like the name indicates, they're Always Female.
BroodmotherEliseArachneNeithis (announcer of the Tomb of Spider Queen)

The Token Little Girl
Who brings a child, let alone a little girl, to this kind of battlefield!? Nevertheless, they can whip as much ass as their adult and male compatriots. They will most likely be support or mages, but can sometimes use Waif-Fu as melee attackers. Will occasionally be a Creepy Child as well.
N/AAnnie, ZoeScylla, Jing WeiLi Li, Orphea
Little Red Riding Hood, Trixie, Zeri, Mina
Maeve, Willo

The Feeble Old Man
Like The Token Little Girl, this is just about the last person you'd expect on the battlefield. You have a bumbling old guy, possibly a Dirty Old Man or Eccentric Mentor. Regardless, expect them to back up their less-than-inspiring physique with firepower - either powerful magic, crazy gizmos, or even a companion of some kind.
Keeper of the LightCorki, HeimerdingerSylvanusDeckard Cain
N/AProfessor YoolipN/AN/A

The Drunken Master
Think drinking should be illegal? Then fighting while drunk will make matters worse for you, as these heroes are excellent fighters while drunk. Their moveset may include things like drinking from their jug of alcohol, belly flops with their fat belly, or evasion skill because sometimes, they evade attacks by being drunk, a staple in Drunken Kung Fu scenes.
Drunken MasterN/AN/AN/A

The Butch Female Warrior
Being a woman means that you're more likely designated to ANYTHING but in-your-face style brawling. These women give a middle finger to that and be a tough brawler, they dish out damage and also take it. They tend to sport Boyish Short Hair or exude manly qualities, like being The Lad-ette. They also tend to be the sole female warrior archetype.
Legion CommanderViBellona, NikeJohanna, Yrel
N/AN/AN/ATaara, Astrid
Raina, Freia

Giant Woman Fighter
A sub-archetype of the Butch Female Warrior, these women aren't necessarily buff or masculine. However, they are particularly huge. Proud users of the Big Beautiful Woman trope, their size not only helps them kick ass, but it doesn't deter them from being conventionally feminine at the same time.
DawnbreakerIllaoiTerraSonya, Zarya

The Manly Support
They are your supports, folks. They help out with buffing and protecting your allies. You'd expect them to be slim-built, can't take a hit, or maybe just a girl (or girly man). But instead, you get a Rated M for Manly man. The contrast is prevalent enough that this archetype became popular, because Real Men Support!
OmniknightBraum, TaricHorusRehgar, Uther, Stukov

The Beetle
A beetle hero. Either a very large beetle, or just a hero with a beetle motif. More often than not, they use their large size to pest anything in their path, or increase their defenses, making them powerful tanks.
Nyx AssassinN/AKhepriAnub'arak
Pestilence, TrembleN/AN/AKriknak
Blue Beetle (this one's not a tank, however), Dibs, Flin and Sgt. Buttersworth

The Centaur
Half horse, half men heroes. Because of their hooved lower body, you can expect that they have pretty good movement speed. For the most part they would be tanks, but there are some who are instead nimble ranged attackers.
Centaur Warrunner, Enchantress, LeshracHecarim, LilliaChironLunara
Emerald WardenN/AN/APeura

The Double-Headed
For some reason, having one head is not enough. These heroes happen to have two heads, sometimes with distinct personalities for each heads. Their heads can be used to either argue at each other, or just give a booming presence overall. As extra flavour, their skills will sometimes incorporate two motifs.
Jakiro, Ogre MagiN/AAgniCho'Gall

Sparta Helmet Warrior
Inexplicably, there will be a hero who wears a Spartan helm. Those who wear these helmets, true to Sparta's warrior culture, tend to be very much Rated M for Manly and handle things in a close combat manner instead of striking from afar.
Legion Commander, MarsPantheonAresImperius

The Dunkmaster
Starting as a Running Gag amongst the MOBA community, this is a character who is well-known for a specific ability, usually their ultimate, likened to a basketball dunk, or just anything related to basketball. More likely to have either a quote or extra skin with a basketball motif.
Earthshaker AxeDarius, Master Yi, Vi, Illaoi, Jarvan IVThor, OdinAzmodan
N/ASnork GunkN/AN/A

Little Guy, Big Mech
When you're a little guy, you need something to even the odds, and it seems like a big stompy robot suit is just the thing. These guys tend to be slow but mighty, although usually more of a fighter than a tank. They might also have a powerful gap-closer and can often shoot missiles or other ranged attacks.
Clockwerk, TimbersawRumbleSylvanusGazlowe, D.Va
The ChipperJimmy and the LUX5000Joule, SkyeMax, Wisp
Ruckus & Bolt, Toby, Wrecking Ball

The Killer Rabbit
A MOBA usually has one super cute and seemingly harmless creature. It makes you want to just grab them, hug them and—OHMYGODMYHP. They may be cute as all get-out, but they can and will kill you in very nasty ways. Sometimes they may be as evil or sadistic as Satan himself (through Memetic Mutation or normally).
PuckTeemo, GnarCupid, RatatoskrBrightwing, Murky, Probius
N/AGnaw, NibbsFlickerN/A
Dibs, Mina
Wrecking Ball, Mei, Willo, Moji

Aerial Combatant
In every MOBA, expect one or more characters to fly above the ground. The most popular way is a propeller-powered flying machine, but flying creatures or mounts are also common. Oh, and their flight is always totally cosmetic: you won't have any difficulty walking up to them and hitting them with your sword, unless you're in a Hero Shooter, to which their flight isn't just for show. And they won't even use their flight to get out of being stuck unless they have a skill to bypass terrain.
Gyrocopter, Batrider, Viper, Jakiro, VisageCorki, Aurelion Sol, KayleKukulkanFalstad, Brightwing, Tyrael, Auriel, Malthael
KlanxVinnie & Spike, Chucho Krokk, Yuri, Max FocusN/APreyta
Pharah, Mercy, Drogoz, Willo, Evie, Grohk

Master Exploder
This is a hero who's all about three things: explosions, explosions, and EXPLOSIONS! Due to their preferred method of attack, they're typically great at area damage, although don't expect a lot of precise abilities. A dose of insanity tends to come with this type of character.
BombardierCommander RocketN/AN/A
Bomb King, Dredge

The Vampire
This is a hero who specializes in drinking blood, using bat imagery, and casting shadow or blood magic. In short, they're themed around vampires, although for whatever reason they're rarely called as such. Given their theme, these guys almost always sustain themselves with Life Drain.
Night StalkerVladimirCamazotzMal'Ganis

Celestial Angel
As the name stated, these heroes model themselves as Angels. Humanoid people with wings in varying forms (that does mostly nothing, see Aerial Combatant above), sometimes with a halo above, and predominantly using the power of light. Or just evoking the image. These angels still stayed on the good side of heaven. However, Fallen Angel also occasionally pop in, although they do not have any glaring difference than their upright counterparts, except they've fallen from grace. Unless they are already fallen, Light Is Good is in full effect here, these Angels are always trustworthy forces of good, though some may get a bit too zealous. Occasionally. Those who has Fallen Angel status will be marked with a *.
Skywrath Mage, Vengeful SpiritKayle, Morgana*NikeTyrael, Auriel, Imperius, Malthael*
ValkyrieN/AN/ALauriel, Xeniel
Mercy, Furia

Infernal Devils
The opposite of the Celestial Angels, naturally. These heroes are modeled after the Devils of Hell. One look and you can definitely state, "This guy looks like Satan.", usually with their horns and sometimes wings. Despite so, they tend to be more creative in their power usage, they don't always use the power of darkness. Being big and using infernal red color scheme are also oft-used themes.
DoomAatroxChernobogDiablo, Mal'Ganis, The Butcher

Horny Succubus
A pseudo-Distaff Counterpart of the Infernal Devils, these are the seductive she-devils that don't wear much and their job is to show that Evil Is Sexy, so sexy it kills. They take upon the classic succubus form: An Always Female promiscuous sex bomb with bat wings who often literally sucks the soul of the people. Often comes with a way to mesmerize their enemies with a kiss (and they don't even have to get up close too).
Queen of PainEvelynnN/AN/A

Elemental Heroes

There are a lot of heroes that play up the Elemental Powers and focusing on one of them as their kits.

Earth Breaker
One of the Elemental Heroes that controls earth, in particular they like to shake the Earth and either make earthquakes or sprout out rocks to strike the enemies... without being a Rock Monster. Compared to the Rock Monsters, they may tend to be the more offensive manner, they can't take hit more than a Rock Monster, but they're more likely to disrupt or cause mass destruction better with the Earth.
Earthshaker, Elder TitanTaliyahCabrakan, TerraThrall
Behemoth, PebblesSkølldirN/AN/A

Terror Sand
Another way to harness the Earth power. For MOBAs, the alternative is the power of the Desert Sand. Whether it's sand magic, creating sand storms, or providing a version of Quicksand Sucks, these heroes bring another flavor to the Earth Elemental.
Sand KingAzirAnhur, SetChromie
Sand Wraith, NomadN/AN/AAzzen'ka

The Ice Master
A caster that uses ice powers. Their abilities are focused primarily on slows or freezing their enemies. Most of the time, they can't resist doing ice puns. They are mostly magical in nature, though some exceptions exist. For the most part, they're mages and not as durable as their ice produced, but they sure sting hard. See below for a more durable ice user.
Crystal Maiden, Ancient Apparition, Lich, Winter WyvernAnivia, LissandraSkadiJaina, Kel'Thuzad
Glacius, ElloniaN/AReimDiao Chan
Mei, Evie, Imani

The Ice Warrior
A variation of the Ice Master, instead of magic, they tend to be more of an up-front fighter/tank and/or boasts strong defenses in addition of various ice-based utilities. This sometimes symbolizes the toughness of an unbreakable ice block.
TuskSejuani, Nunu & Willump, Trundle, BraumYmirArthas, Mei
TundraThe Scoop of JusticeN/AN/A

The Fire Master
Just like the Ice counterpart, these are the characters that masters over fire, that is... FIRE. Rarely about Sun (that's another different story). Their quotes tend to contain fire puns.
Lina, Ember Spirit, PhoenixAnnie, BrandAgni, Sol, PeleKael'thas, Ragnaros, Blaze
Pyromancer, Amun-RaSmilesReza, SkaarfIgnis, Roxie
Jin She, Basko
Fernando, Imani

The Thunder Master
To complete the Elemental Triad, we have those who have control over thunder and lightning. If the animator is feeling generous, a lot of these characters may have an effect that when they kill someone, usually a creep, they die with an electrocuted animation.
Zeus, Razor, Storm Spirit, DisruptorKennen, VolibearZeus, Raijin Falstad, Cassia, Mephisto
Thunderbringer, Corrupted Disciple, Dr. RepulsorCoco NebulonVaryaTulen

Hero of the Wind
Another element-based hero, this hero emphasizes the element of wind, they are either agile like the wind, or capable of conjuring winds in form of tornado. Not always exclusively a magic-user, they can also be a fighter. Just don't expect them to be super tough. Part of the Elemental heroes.
WindrangerJanna, YasuoKukulkan, SusanoFalstad

Sea Masters
Sea aren't filled with just men who conquer it, but there are also creatures or heroes that manipulate the element water, sometimes taking form of the creatures of the sea. Heavily having form of water-based skills such as whirlpools or tidal waves. Another one of those Elemental Heroes.
Kunkka, Tidehunter, MorphlingNami, PykePoseidon, He BoN/A
Kraken, RiptideFroggy G, DizzyLorelaiCresht, Sephera
Amarynth, Viridian

Nature's Protector
Forests are well protected within the MOBA genre, due to the presence of these people. These people are dedicated to Nature that if you DARE pollute it and they spot you, you're in for a world of hurt when they send in trees and deadly plants to strike upon you. Or, nature itself gets pissed, take form and kick your ass. Part of the Elemental heroes. A sub-archetype of this is The Living Giant Tree, whereas they are trees that became sentient and decided that whosoever ruins nature needs some whooping by some tree bark.
Nature's Prophet, Enchantress, Treant Protector (Tree)Maokai, Ivern (Both Trees), ZyraSylvanus (Man on Tree), CernunnosMalfurion, Lunara
Keeper of the Forest, Deadwood (Both Trees)Ix the InterloperPetalY'bneth (Tree)
Lady Tinder, Marah
Grover (Tree), Willo (fairy), Moji (rabbit)

The Arcanist
If you count Arcane as an element, these are the masters of it. These heroes dabble in pure magic, none of those elemental things, with their skill names possibly having names with 'Arcane' and such. They also come with one quirk: Some or all of their skills tend to have rather low cooldowns, allowing them to spam their spells as long as they can manage their mana. They tend to be powerful nukers.
Skywrath MageRyzeN/ALi-Ming, Medivh

Champion of Light
The sun isn't the only source of light. These are the heroes that utilizes the power of light itself to illuminate the battlefield and... mostly damaging the enemies, or even blinding them. For these to fit, they cannot be a Sun Champion (that's another thing), see above. For some reason, Light Is Not Good rarely applies here, and most of these Light users tend to be good guys for whatever the values present.
Keeper of the LightLuxHelN/A

Dark Shadow
Whenever there is light, there has to be a darkness. Therefore, to counterbalance the light champions, there are champions that excel in manipulating the darkness for their own purposes, sometimes even including shadows. And just like the light counterpart, they rarely or never use the trope Dark Is Not Evil.
Night StalkerNocturne, Zed, VexHel, Nox, ChernobogGall, Zeratul

Multi-Elemental Master
Sometimes, an Elemental Hero decides to just mix-match and not settle with one element. They decide to wield multiple elements, at least three, at once. This can result a very versatile hero.
InvokerAzir, QiyanaNu Wa, MerlinThrall, Cho'Gall

Skill Archetypes

Skills Only

Spin To Win
The skill where the character spins around for damage over time on those who came close to them. The skill has to be repeated swings.
Blade Fury (Juggernaut)Judgment (Garen)Berserker Barrage (Thor), Bladestorm (King Arthur)Whirlwind (Sonya), Bladestorm (Samuro), Unrelenting Strikes (Qhira), Hogg Wild (Hogger)
Blade Frenzy (Swiftblade)Tornado (Froggy G)N/AExterminate (Omega), Walking Tall (Ormarr), Cyclone (The Flash)
Spincicle (Ace), Unyielding Progress (Petrus)

Get Over Here!
A skillshot that if you get hit with it, you get dragged to the caster. Usually those possessing this skill will be a dreaded character in pub games. Facing this skill, it is important to STAY BEHIND YOUR MINIONS, because they tend to drag minions instead of just dragging the hero. Comes in two flavors: The first flavor is when the drag is executed immediately and makes sure the enemy land right into the caster. The second flavor only drags slowly and it might not reach the caster, but that is enough disable for the enemy.
Meat Hook (Pudge, Flavor 1), Electric Vortex (Storm Spirit, Flavor 2)Rocket Grab (Blitzcrank, Flavor 1), Dredge Line (Nautilus, flavor 1), Death Sentence (Thresh, Flavor 2), Bone Skewer (Pyke, Flavor 1)Nature's Grasp (Sylvanus, Flavor 1), Grapple (Mulan, Flavor 1)Hook (Stitches, Flavor 1)
Gutting Hook (Devourer, Flavor 1), Grapple (Gauntlet, Flavor 1), The Ol' Ball and Chain (Prisoner 945, Flavor 1, drags multiple), Opposite Charges (Doctor Repulsor, Flavor 2, Storm Spirit's tidbits apply too)Tongue Snatch (Leon Chameleon, Flavor 1)Forced Accord (Phinn, Flavor 1)Devil's Chain (Grakk, Flavor 1), Lasso of Truth (Wonder Woman, Flavor 1)
Manacles (Shank, Flavor 1), Bindweed (Lady Tinder, Flavor 2), The Big Haul (Kahgen, Flavor 1)
Chain Hook (Roadhog, Flavor 1), Dredge Anchor (Makoa, Flavor 1), Overpower (Khan, Flavor 1)

'I'll Get Over There'
The inversion of the above. Instead of dragging the enemy to the caster, the caster instead quickly repositions right next to the caught target and prepares to deliver a beatdown.
Hookshot (Clockwerk)Bandage Toss (Amumu), Zenith Blade (Leona), Death Leap (Thresh), Abduct (Sylas)Armillary Sash (Ne Zha), Grapple (Mulan)Ancient Spear (Sonya), Grappling Hook (Qhira)
Wrath of the Pharaoh (Pharaoh), Grappling Shot (Gunblade)Anchor Hook (Admiral Swiggins), Sticky Snail (Snork Gunk)N/AChain Lance (TeeMee), Lasso of Truth (Wonder Woman)
Lasso (Wonder Woman), Hookshot (Midknight), Uprising (Basko)

Sniper Shot
A mostly ultimate skill in which the character takes a long delay to prepare a very powerful snipe shot that has an extremely long range. It is extremely damaging if it hits. Some of these let the bullet be bodyblocked so the main target does not take damage, but there are some cases where this ability cannot be blocked by any means; if you're spotted, you take damage, period. Most of the users here tends to be snipers profession-wise, though it's not required.
Assassinate (Sniper, cannot be bodyblocked)Ace in the Hole (Caitlyn, single target, single shot), Curtain Call (Jhin, skillshot, four of them)World Weaver (Neith)Triple Tap (Nova), Eye of Horus (Ana, skillshot, six of them)
Money Shot (Flint Beastwood, cannot be bodyblocked), Homing Missile (Artillery, variation)Snipe (Raelynn, cannot be bodyblocked), Precision Shot (Rocco)N/ASnipe (Elsu, skillshot, just once but is a normal skill)
Final Payment (Mikella, variant that fires six shots over a short time instead of just one. Overlaps with Rapid Fire Shot as a result.)

An ult that reveals every enemy on the map, then deals massive damage to them all after a delay. Nowhere is safe from this attack. This ultimate is often used to secure kills on fleeing enemies, or with proper timing and situation, pulling a Total Party Kill (it's very rare). So yes, it'll be a real dick move if you'd pull that ult right about that time... Real dick move...
Thundergod's Wrath (Zeus)Requiem (Karthus)Fire Shards (Nu Wa)Apocalypse (Diablo), Consume Souls (Mephisto)
Lightning Storm (Thunderbringer), Discharge (Flux)N/AAnvil's Hammer (Varya)Cataclysm (Ilumia)

Global Heal
The inversion of the ability above and a staple for healing heroes. Doesn't matter where their allies are, once this skill is popped up (usually ultimate), everyone gets healed for a fair amount. Terrific saves are possible with this.
Hand of God (Chen)Wish (Soraka)N/AShadowstalk (Tyrande)
Ophelia's Touch (Ophelia)N/AN/AN/A
Illusory Rift (Ying)

The Executioner
A skill, always an Ultimate, that will cause instant death if the victim is below a certain HP threshold, usually by dealing damage equal to the current lost HP. Keep your HP up if you face heroes with these.
Culling Blade (Axe), Reaper's Scythe (Necrophos), Ice Blast (Ancient Apparition)Demacian Justice (Garen), Noxian Guillotine (Darius), Blade of the Exile+Wind Slash (Riven), Heartseeker Strikes (Pantheon), Fear Beyond Death (Urgot), Death From Below (Pyke)Hovering Death (Thanatos), King of the Eastern Seas (Ao Kuang), Petrify (Medusa), Fatal Strike (Achilles)Go for the Throat (Greymane), Last Rites (Malthael)
Decapitate (Legionnaire), Demonic Execution (Soul Reaper)N/AN/AKing's Glory (Thane)
Ace in the Hole (Ace)
The Law (Lex)

Detector of the Wounded
A skill that allows a character to provide visions of enemies that get wounded to a certain degree to their allies. If they're around, you better have a quick way to get back to base and heal in your fountain.
Thirst (Bloodseeker)Blood Scent (Warwick)Harvester of Souls + Hovering Death (Thanatos, only reveals to self)The Hunt + Nowhere to Hide (Illidan)
Blood Sense (Blood Hunter)N/AN/AN/A
Opportunist (Sombra)

Ultimate Drag
Ultimates that when used, will allow the hero to personally drag enemies that got hit to where they are moving. Being dragged to a mob of enemies is a really scary thing.
Flaming Lasso (Batrider)Impale (Skarner)Ragnarok (Fenrir)Drag (Dehaka)
The Chains That Bind (Rampage), Ember Shard (Adrenaline) Trapper's Hook (Smiles)N/AAgnie's Grasp (Roxie)
Mind Control (Starro), Piledriver (Nikolai)
Overpower (Khan)

These characters have the power to darken the screen or make limited visibility to everyone involved, mostly all enemies in the map in a global way, but can also just affect a few. These ultimate can induce paranoia to the enemy or other effects.
Darkness (Night Stalker), Smoke Screen (Riki), Desolate (Spectre)Paranoia (Nocturne), Smoke Screen (Graves)Darkest of Night (Xbalanque)Isolation (Dehaka)
Cover of Darkness (The Dark Lady)Smoke Screen (Vinnie & Spike)N/AN/A
Midnight (Maeve)

Forced Center
This ability forces all enemy heroes around the area to be moved into the center. A very devastating ability as all heroes are in the center, helpless as the ability either stunned them or deal enormous amount of damage. Typically an ultimate ability.
Reverse Polarity (Magnus), Vacuum (Dark Seer)Command: Shockwave (Orianna), Moonfall (Diana), Magnetic Storm (Rell)No Escape (Ares), Eclipse (Merlin)Grav-O-Bomb 3000 (Gazlowe), Condemn (Johanna), Graviton Surge (Zarya), Black Hole (Tassadar)
Cascade Event (Riftwalker), Release the Kraken! (Kraken)Black Hole Sun (Sentry X-58)N/ACyclone (The Flash)
Finale (King of Masks)
Halt! (Orisa),Convergence (Seris)

Spread Bomb
The inversion of the skill above and mostly not an ultimate or being centered on the caster. Toss a bomb that will cause everyone caught in the blast get knocked back a small distance. Can be good to disrupt things in a team fight.
Flamebreak (Batrider), Blinding Light (Keeper of the Light)Satchel Charge (Ziggs), Pillar of Ice (Trundle), Explosive Cask (Gragas)Magma Bomb (Vulcan)Frag Grenade (Tychus), Concussion Grenade (Lt. Morales), Wave of Force (Li-Ming), Concussion Mine (Junkrat)
Preservation (Pearl)Ball Lightning (Coco Nebulon)N/APoison Gas Bomb (Preyta)
Masterpiece (Renzo)
Concussive Blast (Pharah), Poppy Bomb (Bomb King), Fire Spit (Drogoz)

This ability forces enemies to attack the taunter. The taunter in question is either very tanky or very strong.
Berserker's Call (Axe), Duel (Legion Commander)Shadow Dash (Shen), Puncturing Taunt (Rammus), Shield of Durand (Galio)Confound (Athena), 9 Turns Blessing (Erlang Shen)Taunt (Varian), Warlord's Challenge (Garrosh)
Taunt (Legionnaire), Face Off (Kane), Dream of Madness (Cthulhuphant)N/ATrash Talk (Tony)Dark Dominion (Mina)
Blocking Bracers (Wonder Woman), Come At Me (Atrocitus)

"If I die, I am taking you with me"
When a hero is killed or about to die, they have ability that allow them to remain and attempt to kill the enemy before they die for real and are put in a countdown.
Requiem of Souls (Shadow Fiend), Blast Off (Techies)Death Defied (Karthus), Glory in Death (Sion), Icathian Surprise (Kog'maw), Omen of Death (Old!Yorick)Pomegranate Seeds (Persephone)Archangel's Wrath (Tyrael), Total Mayhem, Rocket Ride (Junkrat)
N/AExplode (Clunk)N/AIgnite (Wisp)

Arena Creator
This skill will forcibly create an arena in which the caster and his enemies are forced in a confined space, forcing the two to fight. This ability can be canceled early. Infamous for being used incorrectly, but hey, the user is helping.
Power Cogs (Clockwerk), Duel (Legion Commander), Arena of Blood (Mars)Cataclysm (Jarvan IV)Ring of Spears (Odin)Leap + Arreat Crater (Sonya), Entomb (Leoric)
Wall of Mummies (Pharaoh), Sunder's Vault (Calamity), Death's Halo (Adrenaline)N/AN/AN/A

Path Blocker
Similar to the Arena Creator, but less likely to be ultimates. These skills generates some extra wall that blocks anyone from passing by, sometimes also dealing damage and stunning. Can be used to block an enemy's escape route, prevent enemy pursuit, or instead blocking an ally's path to either escape or score a kill. They're still helping.
Fissure (Earthshaker), Ice Shards (Tusk)Crystalize (Anivia), Weaver's Wall (Taliyah), Dark Procession (Yorick), Pillar of Ice (Trundle)Tectonic Rift (Thor), Ice Wall (Ymir), Tectonic Shift (Cabrakan), River's Rebuke (Yemoja)Force Wall (Tassadar), Zombie Wall (Nazeebo), Ice Wall (Mei)
Fissure (Behemoth), Illusory Veil (Empath)Totem of Power (Skree)N/AN/A
Iceberg (Sakari)
Impasse (Inara), Barrier Orb (Sage)

Prison of Pain
An ultimate similar to the Arena Creator, surrounding an area with a box, sphere or something. And technically, you can escape if you want... It's just that there will be a price to pay to get out, usually hampering your movement further. It pulls a Sadistic Choice to you: Do you want to stay in there while being a sitting duck to whatever your enemies throws at you, or do you want to get out, and slowed down so your enemies can still pursue you? Allies are not affected on this prison's effect since it's not literally blocking movement, so the user's not helping.
N/AThe Box (Thresh), Vanguard's Edge (Irelia)Dharmic Pillars (Ganesha), Pillars of Heaven (Old!Nu Wa)Warden's Cage (Maiev)

Debuff Gate
This skill allows the hero to create a line of gate that is technically passable by the enemy... but they're not going to enjoy the trip through. The most common effect of crossing the gate is that they are slowed, so if they pass this during team fights, this could be dangerous for them. The hero can also use this as a mean to deter the enemy from pursuit.
Ice Wall (Invoker (Command: Quas-Quas-Exort)), Wall of Replica (Dark Seer), Spinner's Snare (Broodmother)Wall of Pain (Karthus), The Equalizer (Rumble)Threshold (Janus)Skeletal Mages (Xul), Null Gate (Probius)
Energy Field (Engineer)Timerift (Raelynn)N/AN/A
Death Fog (Desecrator)

Great Summoning
This is an Ultimate-exclusive skill that allows the hero to summon a Giant Mook that they can control. More often than not, something happens at the point of summoning, like extra damage dealt or a stun.
Chaotic Offering (Warlock)Summon: Tibbers (Annie), Eulogy of the Isles (Yorick), Daisy! (Ivern)Argus, the Defender (Hera)Summon Water Elemental (Jaina), Gargantuan (Nazeebo), Summon Ultralisk (Kerrigan)
Summon Malphas (Hellbringer), Summon Vorax (Skrap)N/AN/AN/A
Manifest (Star Sapphire)
B.O.B. (Ashe), Dragon's Call (Imani)

Death Defying
This skill usually activates when the character is in low health, but makes it so that the character just don't die until the period has passed. May take form in making sure that the HP becomes just 1 point in case the hit reduces their HP to 0 or below. Cue Why Won't You Die? when you're wailing on these guys and they just WON'T. STAY. DOWN.
Borrowed Time (Abaddon), Shallow Grave (Dazzle), Battle Trance (Troll Warlord)Undying Rage (Tryndamere)Destruction (Kali), Centaurus (Chiron)Taz'dingo! (Zul'jin)
Flame Consumption (Accursed), Unbreakable (Demented Shaman)N/AN/AN/A
Immortal (Fernando)

Mini-Heal Spam
An AOE heal skill by non-healing Heroes. The payoff is that they can heal very often, thanks to the heal's low cooldown or some capabilities to naturally lower their cooldown. This enables them to play support/healer while not really abandoning their other capabilities.
Death Pulse (Necrophos)Triumphant Roar (Alistar)Conviction (Guan Yu), Share the Love (Cupid), Herbal Medicine (Chiron)Guitar Solo + Prog Rock (ETC), Divine Purpose + Gift of the Naaru (Yrel)
Judgment (Soul Reaper), Arcane Missile (Artesia)Binding of Justice + The Holy Cup (Scoop of Justice)N/AN/A
Scamper + Toot (Moji), Battle Shout (Khan)

MOBA Suplex
A skill that allows the hero to instantly put the enemy right behind him, kind of like delivering a suplex to them. Useful to prevent escapes, but your hero will risk getting near the enemy just to make it happen. And if the victim is someone who exactly wants to get near your team just so they can wreck them, this skill can be disastrous, so use with care.
N/ARolling Thunder (Old!Volibear), Fling (Singed), Disdain (Urgot)Charge Prey (Sobek)Overpower (Diablo)
N/AMighty Throw (Skølldir)N/AWild Charge (Baldum)
Impale (Cerulean)
Commander's Grab (Khan)

MOBA Flip-To-Back
An inversion of the MOBA Suplex, instead of getting the enemy behind you, you are the one who gets on the back of the enemy. This will make escaping you harder as you can register a few free hits, you technically bodyblock the enemy. Still, use with care, you don't want to reposition yourself into the middle of enemy crowd ready to wail on you.
Nether Strike (Spirit Breaker, he also knocks you away), Blink Strike (Riki)Shadow Dance (Akali, only after Patch 5.9)Feather Step (Awilix)Dive (Illidan), Wraith Strike (Malthael)
N/ADisplace (Ix)N/ASmooth Moves (Max)

Central Mass Disabler
An Ultimate Skill that covers a circular area around the caster, in which something happens to the area that the enemies around are disabled. Commonly a stun, it can also refer to any disables. Occasionally, damage is dealt too. This Ultimate is very dreaded if the caster has a way to quickly get into the heat of battle.
Ravage (Tidehunter), Overgrowth (Treant Protector), level 25 Deafening Blast (Invoker), Reverse Polarity (Magnus)Curse of the Sad Mummy (Amumu), Pop Blossom (Neeko) Cataclysm (Geb), Intoxicate (Bacchus), Wrath of Terra (Sylvanus), Fear No Evil (Hun Batz)Mosh Pit (ETC), Divine Storm (Uther)
Root (Keeper of the Forest), Armageddon (Apex)N/AN/AIndulgence (Gildur)

Central Mass Silencer
A variation of the Central Mass Disabler. Sure, they're free to move after being dealt with damage at the center of the caster, but being silenced is still a disadvantage, especially on casters. Especially when their means of escaping, such as skills, are also disabled.
Waning Rift (Puck)Static Field (Blitzcrank)Storm Call (Chaac)Twilight Dream (Malfurion)
EMP (Sombra)

Ultimate Attack Steroid
When using this Ultimate, the character goes Super Mode for a temporary time and receives a great deal of bonus attack damage, capable of shredding through the enemy via just their normal attacks (or anything that scales with it). Other item effects also get carried over, so basically, if you can disable them, do so. If you can't, RUN.
God's Strength (Sven), Chemical Rage (Alchemist), Enrage (Ursa), Shapeshift (Lycan)Blade of the Exile (Riven), Final Hour (Vayne), Thunder Claws (Old!Volibear)Kingslayer (Set)Wrath of the Berserker (Sonya), Bestial Wrath (Rexxar)
Brute Strength (Hammerstorm), Carnage (Berzerker)Stimpack (Ted McPain), Vengeance (Rocco), Seven Star Strike (Qi'Tara)N/AConqueror (Lu Bu)
Wrath (Freia), Splintering Spines (Vex), Force of Nature (Marah)
Overclock (Torbjorn), Buck Wild (Buck), Crossfire (Tyra), Sentinels (Vivian)

Ultimate Defense Steroid
The inversion of the Ultimate Attack Steroid. While the former boosts up attack capabilities, this one boosts up defensive capabilities, either by giving boatloads of extra HP or extra defense. Not only they will increase the defense a lot, they will do something about that thing called 'crowd control'. Meaning that your hero, while not exactly having the capabilities to kill people easier, now has easier time to stay in the fight longer and the enemy will be less declined to attack you unless they want to invest a lot of extra time to do so.
God's Strength (Sven), Chemical Rage (Alchemist), Enrage (Ursa) Insatiable Hunger (Broodmother), Flesh Golem (Undying), Unholy Rage (Satanic)Unbreakable Will (Alistar), Grandmaster's Might (Jax)Colossal Fury (Vamana)Avatar (Muradin), Metamorphosis (Illidan), Cloak of Shadows (Valeera)
Wish for Revenge (Salomon), Primal Rage (Oogie), Unbreakable (Drunken Master, removed)Protective Pose (Deadlift)N/ADetermination (Rourke)
Force of Nature (Marah)
Primal Rage (Winston), Overclock (Torbjorn), Ancient Rage (Makoa)

Time-Stopper Sphere
An Ultimate skill that tosses a sphere covering an area with a zone where time stops. Targets within there just stops moving. Depending on the user, the target can be just enemies, or everyone caught in it; the user can be affected as well or not; or those caught with it can be invulnerable or ends up being 'hit targets'.
Chronosphere (Faceless Void)Tempered Fate (Bard)Sanctified Field (Olorun)Void Prison (Zeratul)
Chronofield (Chronos)Time Warp (Yuri), Slow-mo Shot (Max Focus)N/AN/A

Slowing Death Rain
A skill that is used by ranged attackers where they select an AOE circle from afar and start raining deadly projectiles for several seconds, dealing tick damage and slowing the enemy down. Can be used as utility or team fighting tool. Several of them can also be global-ranged ultimate, giving global presence to the user.
Shrapnel (Sniper), Mortimer Kisses (Snapfire)Cannon Barrage (Gangplank), Make It Rain (Miss Fortune)Sunbreaker (Hou Yi), Blizzard (Merlin)Starfall (Tyrande), Blizzard (Jaina)
Bombardment (Bombardier)N/AN/ARain of Fire (Ignis)

Home-Run Smash
A skill that involves hitting one enemy so hard, sending the enemy away on a line and using them as a makeshift bullet, damaging anyone that got hit with that enemy. In other words, this phrase: "I'm gonna punch you so HARD that your friends are gonna feel it!" Devastating when used properly on a team fight, or can even prevent escapes further, but it can also be disastrous if it's used to shove away the enemy even more, making chasing them even harder.
Boulder Smash (Earth Spirit), Walrus Kick (Tusk with Aghanim's Scepter)Dragon's Rage (Lee Sin), Roar of the Slayer (Sion)Throw Back (Kumbhakarna)Haymaker (Muradin), Massive Shove (Stukov), Savage Charge (Dragon Knight)
Maridian Education (Petrus)
Shoulder Bash (Ash), Overpower (Khan), Rocket Punch (Doomfist)

Linear Laser of Doom
A very deadly ultimate which involving firing a long range laser in a line for one BIG burst damage. There will be a warning or sorts beforehand, like a harmless line, so the enemy may have a chance to know that there's a laser of doom coming so they can reposition. Hiding behind minions won't even help you. Though sometimes, it could be too late anyway. While the range is long, it will rarely be global.
Earth Splitter (Elder Titan)Final Spark (Lux)Searing Pain (Ra)Hinterland Blast (Falstad), Big Shot (D.Va), Planet Cracker (Fenix)
N/ASnipe (Raelynn), Airstrike (Ted McPain)N/AN/A
Final Chapter (Zalgus)

Charged Long Shot
A 'downgrade' or sorts from the Linear Laser of Doom. These skills are usually non-Ultimates and involves the user charging for power before shooting in a long line that pierces through minions, in a range longer than normal attacks, the longer the charge, the better the effect. Though they don't need warning lines.
Powershot (Windranger)Piercing Arrow (Varus)Focused Light (Olorun)Deth Lazor (Old!Gazlowe), Storm Bow (Hanzo)
Power Throw (Aluna)Precision Shot (Rocco)N/APlague Scepter (Preyta)

Ultimate Chain 'Something Else'
A variation of Chain Lightning (see below). They don't use lightning bolts, rather they chain something else which is often far more deadly. They're ultimates to prevent spam.
Chain Frost (Lich)Pyroclasm (Brand)N/ABall Lightning (Cassia)
Plague Carrier (Plague Master)N/AN/AN/A

The Empowering Roll
The character does a forward roll. However, this is no normal roll just for escaping, but also a roll that enhances them, giving them benefit as they get back to standing up. Mostly found on auto-attack carries.
Shield Crash (Pangolier)Tumble (Vayne)Rolling Assault (Rama)Barrel Roll (Falstad), Vault (Valla)
N/AVanish (Ksenia)N/ADeath Sentence (Nakroth)
Combat Roll (McCree), Dodge Roll (Cassie), Grace + Precision (Lian)

Strikethrough Dash
A variant of the Empowering Roll. For the roll, they don't necessarily require you to hit an enemy mid-roll. On this dash? If you ever hit someone on your dash, you're guaranteed to receive some sort of offensive bonus and also goes through your enemies, so aside of using this for escapes, you should use this offensively as well.
N/ASlice and Dice (Renekton)Warrior's Will (Guan Yu)Sweeping Strikes (Illidan), Swift Strike (Genji)
N/AN/AN/AHorn Rush (Kriknak)
Bolt (Moya)
Whirl (Zhin)

The Flash Step Sword Dance
Usually reserved as an Ultimate, the character turns invulnerable and instantly teleports to a nearby enemy and then strikes them several times, usually dealing massive damage. Note that sometimes it's just 'any' enemies instead of just other heroes, so best used when you're all alone with no minions nearby. A staple of the Blade Master archetype. Despite the name, it isn't always done with a sword.
Omnislash (Juggernaut), Sleight of Fist (Ember Spirit)Alpha Strike (Master Yi), Blade Waltz (Old!Fiora)N/ASeven Sided Strike (Kharazim)
Swift Slashes (Swiftblade)N/AN/AN/A
Bolt (Old!Kindra)
Thousand Cuts (Katana)

The Trails of Death
A skill when activated, makes your character leave behind a trail of something on where you walk. Any enemies stepping on your trail will take damage. A favored skill if the player feels like a bit of a Troll. If you see an enemy using this skill, we cannot stress this enough: Don't pursue that enemy.
Firefly (Batrider)Poison Trail (Singed)Disapparate (Sol)Putrid Bile (Stitches)
N/ABlaze (Coco Nebulon)N/AWild Fire (Roxie)

The Moving Tick
This skill lets the player move around freely while dealing continuous tick damage to anyone in front of them. Occasionally, they can even cast another spell while using this, or perhaps even decrease protections just so the ticks HURT.
Spirit Siphon (Death Prophet)Flamespitter (Rumble), Gatling Gun (Corki), The Culling (Lucian), Purge (Urgot)Taolu Assault (Guan Yu), Searing Flesh (Ares)Overkill (Tychus), Basic Attacks (D.Va)
Spore Breath (Bramble), Regurgitate (Balphagore)Scene Illumination (Max Focus)N/AMach Punch (The Flash)

The Boomerang
A skillshot in which a hero throws a projectile, and then comes back to them. Tend to damage twice, on the journey away and the journey return.
Wild Axes (Beastmaster), Icarus Dive (Phoenix), Hunter's Boomerang (Hoodwink)Boomerang Blade (Sivir), Orb of Deception (Ahri)Mjolnir's Attunement (Thor), Ubrellarang (Vamana), Normal Attacks (Izanami)Hammerang (Falstad), Fire Stomp (Diablo)
Piercing Shards (Tundra), Zoomerang (Skrap)Saw Blade (Skree)N/AFlutter (Krixi), Wind Blade (Zill)
Final Flight (Nissa)

Hero Time Bomb
Usually an Ultimate skill, this is an ability where the caster charges up a huge area of affect. After the charge up, they will unleash a massive explosion within that area, dealing high damage. Most of the time, the hero can interrupt this, dealing less damage, but more reliably. Makes the hero a big target for everyone to focus on, but this can cause the enemy to fall into chaos so their friends can capitalize on it with their own Area of Effect attack.
Supernova (Phoenix)Absolute Zero (Nunu & Willump)Shards of Ice (Ymir), Lurking in the Waters (Sobek)Twisting Nether (Cho'Gall (Gall)), Furnace Blast (The Butcher), Self Destruct (D.Va), Combustion (Blaze)
N/AExplode (Clunk)N/ASunray Fist (Wiro)
Reanimate (Terminus)

A skill that allows the user to dash or teleport a short distance multiple times in quick succession. It's usually charge based, and each dash has an extremely short (or non-existent) cooldown between uses, but using all of the dashes could leave you without the full set for a long time. It's both an upgrade and downgrade of The Blink (see Items and Skills below): an upgrade in its frequency, but a downgrade in range and/or losing the ability to pass through terrain.
Ball Lightning (Storm Spirit)Spirit Rush (Ahri), Shadow Dance (Akali)N/ABlink (Tracer)
Illusive Dash (Monkey King)Multi Dash (Dizzy)N/AShadow (Airi) , Blink (Lauriel)
Blinding Speed (Freia)
Nether Step (Androxus), Advance (Ruckus & Bolt)

Time Rewinder
A skill that is prevalent for those who has the mastery over time. This ultimate takes note of your condition several seconds past, and once activated, the hero will revert back to the situation as they were in that time, so if this ultimate is used when the hero's health is lower, he'll return to the fight as he was beforehand: healthy, and now it's time to pay back on those who hurt him with all the knowledge of what could have happened before the rewind... Alternatively, this skill is not an ultimate and can be cast on allies or enemies... but with a catch: They don't restore health.
Time Lapse (Weaver), X Marks the Spot (Kunkka), Glimpse (Disruptor), Time Walk (Faceless Void)Chronobreak (Ekko)Rewind (Chronos)Recall (Tracer), Temporal Loop (Chromie)
Setback, Second Chance (Atlas), Run it Back (Phoenix)

Thrown Disabler Bomb
A skillshot that goes through anything, until it reaches the maximum range, in which it explodes and damages everyone caught in the explosion, disabling them. The catch is that if the skill is activated again before it reaches maximum range, the skillshot explodes prematurely, but still with the same effect, thus creating versatility about when it's going to be exploded.
N/AFlash Freeze (Anivia)Spirit Ball (Isis)Wailing Arrow (Sylvanas)
N/ABall Lightning (Coco Nebulon)N/AN/A
Halt! (Orisa)

Friendly Quick Resurrection
Similar to the Quick Resurrection in the next section, this skill revives the target if they die, and you can target this to a friend. However, there's a catch that makes this a harder skill: This only lasts a few seconds, so you have to take note if they're really going to die, and how committed they are to the fight. This ultimate is easy to waste against a friend that doesn't know what they're doing, but can easily turn the tide if the friend is really committed. Of course, you can also target it to yourself if you know you're going to die.
N/AChronoshift (Zilean)Scarab's Blessing (Khepri)Divine Palm (Kharazim)
N/AN/AN/ABeing A Bro (TeeMee)

Ally Shield
This skill does one simple thing: Give yourself or an ally a shield that soaks up a bunch of damage. For support heroes, this can be a nifty heal replacement and allows an ally to fight longer. Extra buffs may come along with the shield.
Living Armor (Treant Protector), Defense Matrix (Tinker)Eye of the Storm (Janna), (ally-targeted) Help, Pix! (Lulu)Stone Shield (Geb)Plasma Shield (Old!Tassadar), Carapace (Abathur), Shield Ally (Zarya)
Fire Shield (Accursed), Focus Buffer (The Chipper)Monarch Blessing (Genji)N/AN/A
Protection (Torvald)

Exploding Shield
Very similar to the Ally Shield, this skill grants a shield to tank up damage... with a catch. Once the shield expires, mostly because of being drained manually by enemy attacks, it explodes, damaging anyone nearby. This basically turns the target into a walking bomb, hopefully dissuading the enemies from attacking. When combined with a tank, this can lead to a good zoning tool. For the most part, this can only be self-cast, but some heroes can instead grant it to others.
Aphotic Shield (Abaddon)Divine Judgement (Kayle), Eclipse (Leona), Triggerseed (Ivern)Raven Shout (Odin)Righteousness + Reciprocate (Tyrael), Bone Armor + Backlash (Xul), Force of Will + Arcane Explosion (Medivh)
Fire Shield (Accursed), Shatterstorm (Loadstone), Matraxe (Moraxus)N/AN/ADivine Protection (Xeniel)

Tornado Toss
A skillshot that conjures a tornado and shoots it in a straight line. Anyone caught in its path will be suspended airborne as a form of crowd control, and mostly, the tornado does not stop once it hits one enemy. While this by itself is Rule of Cool and sometimes deal damage, it's the crowd control that counts, you don't expect it to do burst damage.
Tornado (Invoker (Command: Wex-Quas-Wex))Howling Gale (Janna), Steel Tempest (Yasuo)Persistent Gust (Jing Wei), Typhoon (Susano)Gravity Lapse (Kael'thas)

Rain of Arrows
Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Either summoning a bunch of archers to do this job, or just shoot many arrows to the sky at once yourself, to a circular area. However, this skill will just hit once. For some reason, this will somehow benefit you on speed, be it boosting your speed or lowering your enemies' if it hits.
Overwhelming Odds (Legion Commander)Hail of Arrows (Varus)Suppress the Insolent (Artemis), Hail of Arrows (Ullr)N/A
Crippling Volley (Forsaken Archer)N/AN/AN/A
Jagged Volley (Vex)

(Semi-)Global Projectile
A very deadly skillshot when used in the right way. It's basically a skill shot that spans throughout the entire arena, or covers a REALLY long range, longer than the Charged Long Shot above. The cast time is instantaneous too, and sometimes, if it hits, it caused a good deal of stun. The catch is, hitting one intended target would mostly stop the projectile dead on track, thus, proper aim is even more required. If you hit at the most improbable position? Congrats, you deserved all those cheers, and we hope your team can capitalize it. Those marked with * also count as Range-Calculating Projectile (see below).
Sacred Arrow* (Mirana)Enchanted Crystal Arrow (Ashe), Trueshot Barrage (Ezreal), Whirling Death (Draven), Super Mega Death Rocket!* (Jinx), Through Space And Time (Janus), Night Terror (Nox), Grasp of Death (Persephone) Sentinel (Tyrande), Blunt Force Gun (Sgt. Hammer), Eye of Horus (Ana), Dragon's Arrow* (Hanzo)
Javelin of Light* (Valkyrie ), Power Throw (Aluna), Parade of Power (King Klout)Precision Shot (Rocco)N/AHeart Shot (Yorn)
Final Chapter (Zalgus)

Hidden Explosive Mine
Oh God, this skill. The nightmare of every MOBA player out there. You were just walking your merry way, carrying no detection items when suddenly, you stepped into this mine, usually clustered in one place. Say bye-bye to a good portion of your HP, or if you're unlucky, your life. Usually possessed by the most irritating or unorthodox characters in the game, this makes jungling a terror and a game full of paranoia because you never know where these mines would be planted, until it's too late... On the bright side, if you're using these characters... hey, free ward!
Proximity Mine, Remote Mine (Techies), Spark Wraith (Arc Warden)Noxious Trap (Teemo)N/AToxic Nest (Abathur)
Spider Mines (Engineer)Mine Deploying (Yuri)N/AEntrapment (Lindis)
Venom Mine (Widowmaker), Oppressor Mine (Kinessa)

Taxi Service
Very similar to the Instant Dynamic Entry skill below, however, there are some chief differences on this skill. Firstly, the user brings in one or more ally along, which increases the effectiveness of the Dynamic Entry, thus the user becomes the taxi driver while the target ally is the passenger. However, the downside is that they deal no damage upon re-entry. Basically it only serves as a way to transport more than one person, but hey, positioning can be very important and if you can take at least one ally along, why not? Don't worry, they don't drive like crazy. We think.
Relocate (Io), Dark Rift (Underlord)Abyssal Voyage (Tahm Kench), Realm Warp (Ryze)To the Skies! (Horus)Medivac Dropship, Reinforcements (Lt. Morales)
Teleport (Nymphora)N/AN/AN/A

Position Swapper
A rather suicidal skill, but very potent when used correctly. Mostly a point and click ultimate, when activated, it swaps your position with your target. This can be used to prevent further escape or isolate one target. However, there's a reason why it's called suicidal, as it's kind of easy to use this in the middle of the team fight... then you just put yourself in an inescapable position where the enemy gets a free kill out of you.
Nether Swap (Vengeful Spirit)Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser (Old!Urgot)N/APhase Prism (Artanis)
Void Rip (Andromeda)Displace (Ix the Interloper)N/AN/A

Laser of Death
A popular skill for sustained damage, mostly as an ultimate. Exactly What It Says on the Tin, this skill will let the hero unleash a long-lasting laser, which can be redirected and deals high damage over time to any poor saps caught in it. However, the hero will be rooted in place, and typically a single crowd control will cancel the skill altogether. Positioning is important when using this skill, if left uninterrupted and having good aim, this hero will basically become a walking tower.
Sun Ray (Phoenix)Lifeform Disintegration Ray (Vel'Koz)Death Gaze (Anubis), Radiate (Merlin)Lightning Breath (Diablo), Disintegrate (Li-Ming)
N/ALaser (Yuri)N/ALethal Rays (Natalya)
Coalescence (Moira), Hyper Beam (Torvald),Inferno Cannon (Imani)

Rapid Fire Shot
Usually used as an ultimate, this is a skill similar to the Laser of Death, except it involves More Dakka. Aim, then let the barrage of projectiles fly, dealing small damage to anyone hit with one projectile, but with tons of them... well, it may as well spell doom. Most of the time, this is best used when no one else was around, as creeps/minions can block the fire.
Focus Fire (Windranger)The Culling (Lucian)Desert Fury (Anhur)Purification Salvo (Fenix), Shadow Bolt Volley (Cho'Gall (Gall))
LRM (Artillery)Scene Illumination (Max Focus)N/AEthereal Pulse (Kahlii)
Final Payment (Mikella, overlaps with Sniper Shot)
Hexa Fire (Ruckus & Bolt), Whole Hog (Roadhog), Barrage (Pharah)

Blink Strike
Similar to the more common Blink item (see below), but it is never an item skill. Also, the Blink here is targeted to something, mostly enemies, so the hero can continue pursuit better or just simply launch surprise attacks, if it hits an enemy, you get bonus attack too. Of course, the possessor of this skills are mostly squishy assassins, so still use this skill with care unless you want to jump on an escaping enemy whose purpose is luring you to a trap.
Blink Strike (Riki), Phantom Strike (Phantom Assassin)Shunpo (Katarina)Assassinate (Loki), Trickster Spirit (Da Ji)Wraith Strike (Malthael), Ambush, Cheap Shot, Garrote (Valeera), Vorpal Blade (Zeratul)
Pounce (Night Hound)Chakram Shift (Qi'Tara)N/ABackstab (Butterfly)
Shadowstep (Kindra)

Thrown Teleporter
Another spin-off of the Blink, the Thrown Teleporter is a skill where the user launches a projectile which stays around for a while. The projectile either sticks in the ground or continues moving forward. At any time, the user can reactivate the skill to teleport or dash to the projectile's location. This makes the hero very slippery, since they can move one direction before suddenly snapping to another.
Fire Remnant (Ember Spirit), Illusory Orb (Puck)Demacian Standard (Jarvan IV), Glacial Path (Lissandra)Jet Stream (Susano), Mjolnir's Attunement (Thor)Dragon's Arrow + Play of the Game (Hanzo), Haunting Wave (Sylvanas), Might of Eld'ruin (Tyrael), Singularity Spike + Seeker in the Dark (Zeratul), Spirit of Vengeance (Maiev)
Shell Toss (Bubbles)Orb of Omicron (Nibbs)N/AN/A
Progress Gate (Varion)
Translocator (Sombra), Rune of Travel (Talus)

Invulnerability Boon
Staple among late game hard supports, this skill gives the target hero invulnerability on either just spells, physical attacks, or complete invulnerability, and unlike the Invulnerability Stasis below, the target is still free to do whatever, thus if given to a very well-fed carry, this might as well be a doom to the enemy.
Repel, Guardian Angel (Omniknight)Intervention (Kayle), Cosmic Radiance (Taric)Undying Love (Aphrodite)Divine Shield (Uther), Force of Will (Medivh), Holy Word: Salvation (Anduin) Sanctification (Tyrael)
Protective Aura, Sol's Blessing (Jeraziah), Protective Melody (Rhapsody), Preservation (Pearl) N/AN/AChaos Protection (Chaugnar)

Rooted Beatdown
Mostly an ultimate and can prove deadly. The hero (has to) gets close and puts the enemy in place. As they immobilize them, they start applying brutal beatdown that takes up big damage and may even bring in some on-hit effects with them. If the beatdown hasn't killed the victim, then it's time for the hero's friend to join in. Unlike duelling, the enemy is not fighting back.
Dismember (Pudge)Infinite Duress (Warwick), Last Breath (Yasuo)Wind Fire Wheels (Ne Zha), Excalibur's Wrath (King Arthur)Octo-Grab + ...And a Shark Too (Murky)
Devour (Devourer), Face Smash (Pandamonium)N/AN/AN/A
Spite (Zhin)

Range-Calculating Projectile
Usually when enemy starts gunning at you, you retreat back. However, against this skill, they actually DO want you to run away and get hit farther, because these skills take account to how far the projectile has traveled, and they deal more damage the farther they have travelled. Most of them also take form in skillshots, so watch where your enemy will run next. Some of the Semi-Global Projectile can work like this as well.
Impetus (Enchantress)Javelin Toss (Nidalee), Enchanted Crystal Arrow (Ashe), Paddle Star (Zoe)Through Space and Time (Janus)Arcane Orb (Li-Ming), Dragon's Arrow (Hanzo)
N/AFrozen Hammer (The Scoop of Justice)N/AN/A
Slipstream (Ashabel)
Throwing Axe (Grover)

Conical Drag
This is an alternative to the "Get Over Here" skill, with a twist. First, the range is usually much shorter. However, the tradeoff is that they will drag not just one, but all enemies caught in the range, including minions. So if your enemy like to hide behind their friends, don't worry; drag them all together for fun at close range! Some of these get trickier in that they will only drag if the enemy is hit on the edge of the area, but regardless, the effect is still the same.
N/AApprehend (Darius)Earthbreaker (Hercules), Wind Siphon (Susano), Life of the Party (Baron Samedi)Primal Grasp (Kerrigan), Upheaval (Cho'Gall (Cho)), Groundbreaker (Old!Garrosh)
Waylay (Kane)N/AN/ADeath Scythe (Mina), Death's Beckon (Omen)
The Big Haul (Kahgen, range of a Get Over Here)
Seismic Slam (Doomfist)

Wall Pinner
A mostly skill shot, but definitely projectile, that makes your enemy want to mind their behind. This is because the projectile will knock the enemy back and should they hit a wall, they will be stunned. Thus a way to get around this is to mind your positioning, but it gets complicated when the executor has a way to make sure they have a way to reposition so the target is between them and the wall, or build a great wall.
Shackleshot (Windranger), Spear of Mars (Mars)Condemn (Vayne), Cosmic Binding (Bard)Impale (Anhur)Detainment Strike (Auriel)
Rocket Punch (Doomfist)

Wave of Doom
A type of Ultimate that delivers a wide-area skillshot in form of a wave that sweeps through a certain range. Anyone caught within the wave will either take massive damage or get additional crowd-control effect. This usually takes form on a (mostly water) wave like a tsunami, but there are other forms where this wave is sent. The spirit is still the same, though: You DON'T want to get caught in the wave.
Sonic Wave (Queen of Pain), Aghanim-powered Ghost Ship (Kunkka)Tidal Wave (Nami), Natures Grasp (Maokai)Crushing Wave (He Bo)Lava Wave (Ragnaros)
Parade of Power (King Klout)N/AN/AN/A
Riptide (Amarynth)

Channeled Life Drain
A skill where the character has to stay put while they siphon the life force of the enemy and deal tick damage. Crowd controls tend to be the bane of this skill as they will stop the draining.
Life Drain (Pugna), Spirit Siphon (Death Prophet)Bountiful Harvest (Fiddlesticks)Life Tap (Artio)Drain Life (Gul'dan), Drain Hope (Leoric)
N/AGripping Gaze + Syrup Pouring Robot (Yoolip)N/AN/A
Exsanguinate (Viyana, also suppresses the target)

Chain to Ground
Typically an Ultimate, this ability catches an enemy and chains them to the ground. They'll still be able to move, but if they try to go too far away, they'll be yanked back. The target is able to fight and dodge and their allies are free to enter, but the skill is likely to have a longer-than-average duration to compensate.
Dream Coil (Puck), Pounce (Slark)Hextech Ultimatum (Camille), Infernal Chains (Aatrox)Pao Lao (Da Ji)Lamb to the Slaughter (The Butcher), Umbral Bind (Maiev)
Kelp Field (Bubbles), Puppeteer's Hold (Puppet Master)Drop Anchor (Admiral Swiggins)N/AN/A

Buddy Chain
The Buddy Chain is an ability that latches on two enemies, forcing them together. The targets are either flung at each other (and most likely stunned on impact) or they're literally hooked together for the duration. Less likely to be an Ultimate, although it's not unheard of.
Soulbind (Grimstroke)Stretching Strikes (Zac)N/AChains of Kel'Thuzad (Kel'Thuzad)
Bound by Fate (Tarot)N/AN/AWind Cuffs (Annette)

A very squicky skill. Basically, the character gets inside its target, laying dormant there like a parasite or doing whatever. They're moving to wherever the host goes, becoming untargetable and can choose anytime to get out, surprising any enemies that didn't see the infestation. And sometimes, when they get out, something will happen and it's not going to be pretty.
Infest (Lifestealer)Umbral Trespass (Kayn)Shadow Step (Nox)N/A
Infest (Parasite)N/AN/AN/A

Multiple Barrage
This is an ultimate skill that gives the user a very long range to rain down destruction. Usually the user would either stay put/rooting themselves or takes to the skies, becoming invincible for a time. And during this time, they get to select a spot from a huge range in which they would fire a powerful projectile to a direction which deals damage to an area... and they can do that several times before they unrooted themselves. Unlike several Sniper Shot skills, there's absolutely nothing that can bar the shot, since they usually come from the sky, or arcing from the ground, thereby bypassing obstacles.
N/ARite of Arcane - Arcane Barrage (Xerath)Astral Barrage (Rama)Cleansing Flame (Alexstrasza)
Death Fog (Desecrator, overlaps with Debuff Gate)
Barrage (Viktor)

Rolling Doom
This is a skill where the user curls up into a ball and begins rolling around. While rolling, the character has increased movement speed and either knocks enemies around or collides with an enemy for massive damage. The biggest downside of the ability is control; the ball has to keep moving and can't turn on a dime. Typically found on disruptive Tanks, but sometimes on squishier "all-in" type heroes.
Rolling Thunder (Pangolier)Powerball (Rammus), Chaaaaaaaaarge!!! (Kled), Biggest Snowball Ever! (Nunu & Willump)Roll Out (Geb)Wandering Keg (Chen), RIP-Tire (Junkrat), Hogg Wild (Hogger)
Rolling Thunder (Shellshock)N/AN/AN/A
King Bomb (Bomb King), Roll (Wrecking Ball)

Triple Combo
A skill that can make dueling these heroes a bit of a nightmare. This skill can be activated three times before going on a cooldown, for the first two uses, it seemed like just normal sweeping strikes... but then in the third hit, something different occurs. It's mostly a knock up or stun. This skill also usually has a wide arc to hit many at once and they could occasionally dash, so this can double as an escape. Needless to say, this can deal a huge amount of damage, even moreso if they inserted normal attacks in between.
N/ABroken Wings (Riven), The Darkin Blade (Aatrox) Storm Kata (Susano)Fel Claws (Mal'Ganis)
N/ABash (Skølldir)Three-Ring Circus (Ozo)Red Stallion (Lu Bu)

Ability Mimic
This skill lets the hero use another hero's abilities, either by becoming a clone of them or just taking one of their spells. This gives the character extreme versatility, but also requires the player to know whose ability is perfect for each moment.
Spell Steal (Rubick), Morph (Morphling)Spell Thief (Zoe), Hijack (Sylas)Changeling (The Morrigan)Ultimate Evolution (Abathur)
Thoughtsteal (Kinesis), Twisted Visage (Circe)N/AN/AN/A
Duplicate (Echo)

Provided by both Skills and Items

Italicized words represents a non-base item/talent that grants the effect.

The Blink
A utility feature that allows a hero to move instantly to a short distance, even if there's an obstacle nearby.
Blink (Anti-Mage, Queen of Pain), Blink DaggerRiftwalk (Kassadin), Arcane Shift (Ezreal), Flash (Summoner Spell)Flicker (Merlin), Blink Rune (Active)Blink (Zeratul), Teleport (Li-Ming), Warp (Fenix), Bolt of the Storm
Flash (Magebane), Flash of Darkness (Wretched Hag), Portal KeyN/AN/AWind Shift (Zill)
[[Dawngate Blink (spell)
Blink (Evie), Fade (Moira)

Instant Dynamic Entry
Usually an Ultimate, this includes skills that allows your character to travel a super long distance, sometimes global, in instant, and most of the time, will deal splash damage on arrival and either stuns or slows anyone caught in your landing point. Occasionally, they can also target friends and act like protecting from damage until they arrive. Can be used to escape a sticky situation, free teleport or ganking opportunity. Fans might nickname this with -fill in the blank here- Drop, if it involves jumping high and landing with force
Haunt (Spectre), Teleportation (Nature Prophet), Solar Guardian (Dawnbreaker), Boots of TravelGrand Skyfall (Pantheon), Destiny (Twisted Fate), Stand United (Shen), Hero's Entrance (Galio)Anvil of the Dawn (Thor), Defender of the Olympus (Athena), King of the Eastern Seas (Ao Kuang, only if it kills someone), Through the Cosmos (Ratatoskr), Sonic Boom (Mercury), Living Nightmare (Chernobog)Stage Dive (ETC), The Hunt (Illidan), Dragonflight (Deathwing)
Knightfall (Sir Benzington), Mirage (Sand Wraith), Post Haste Teleport Beacon (Sentry X-58)N/AAngelic Splendor (Xeniel), Liftoff (Max)
Orbital Drop (Vex), Reverie (Dibs, second cast)
Meteor Strike (Doomfist), True Power (Talus)

March of the Exploding Creeps
Very much a pushing skill. This skill allows the hero to summon a LOT of exploding mini creeps that run in an area, swarming them, and they explode after touching anything, staying there means suffering a Death of a Thousand Cuts. This is a nigh undodgeable skill, as there's no way to just dodge this, but sometimes it is possible... just make sure you have good reflexes. Even then, it's usually not worth it, and you're better off running from them... if you're not being blocked by anything else.
March of the Machines (Tinker)Zz'Rot PortalEmpty the Crypts (Ah Puch)March of the Murlocs (Murky)
Zombie Apocalypse (Gravekeeper)Summon Robo-Dinos (Professor Yoolip)N/AN/A

Chain Lightning
A recurring ability or item ability that deals damage through a chain of enemies. As it has low cooldown, so it is a very spammable ability.
Arc Lightning (Zeus), Maelstorm, MjolnirThunder Claw (Volibear), Statikk ShivChain Lightning (Zeus), Odysseus' BowChain Lightning (Thrall), Fury of the Storm
Chain Lightning (Thunderbringer), VoltstoneLightning Rod (Skree)N/AN/A
Mystic Power (Shazam), ''Chaos'', ''Resonance'')
Shock Pulse (Grohk)

The Farmer
A skill or item that allows the hero to gain permanent bonuses if they kill a minion with it, with more bonuses granted on killing an enemy hero. The essential carry item, they might look weak in the beginning, but if the enemy lets them free-farm with it, they become an absolute terror. Some provide a cap that they can only gather a number of stacks, and sometimes stacks are lost if the owner dies.
Necromastery (Shadow Fiend), Duel (Legion Commander), Flesh Heap (Pudge), BloodstoneSiphoning Strike (Nasus), Baleful Strike (Veigar), Soul Furnace (Sion), Damnation (Thresh), Traveler's Call (Bard), Jaurim's Fist, Mejai's Soulstealer, pre-season 4 Wriggle's Lantern and season 4-6 Enchantment: Devourer, Archangel's Staff, Manamune, Strength of the Ages masteryDead of Night (Xbalanque), various itemsVoodoo Ritual (Nazeebo), Fresh Meat (The Butcher), many Quest talents
N/AMedical Pump (Clunk)N/ADragoon (Zanis)
''Might'', ''Decay,'' ''Strife'')

Damage Reflector
An item/skill that when possessed or activated reflects some damage back at whoever is attacking them. Can be used to scare off those squishy auto-attack reliant heroes.
Retaliate (Centaur Warrunner), Spiked Carapace (Nyx Assassin), Dispersion (Spectre), Blade Mail, Lotus Orb, Mirror Shield, Arcanist's ArmorDefensive Ball Curl (Rammus), Thornmail Retribution (Nemesis), Shell Spikes (Kuzenbo), Old!Hide of the Nemean Lion, Thorns (Active)Deflect (Genji)
Barbed ArmorRight Back At Ya! (Froggy G)N/ARiposte (Peura)
Carry On (Flin and Sgt. Buttersworth)
Reversal (Androxus), Counter (Zhin), Power Siphon (Terminus)

The Cleaver
A skill or item that modifies the owner's normal attack into a Herd-Hitting Attack, damaging any nearby enemies. Usually the effect is permanent once possessed.
Great Cleave (Sven), Empower (Magnus), Battle FuryTiamat/Ironspike Whip, Ravenous Hydra, Titanic Hydra, pre-midseason 6 Guinsoo's Rageblade, Brutal Strikes (Malphite), Excessive Force (Vi)Bludgeon (Bellona), Basic Attacks , Golden Blade Cursed Strikes (Xul), Siege Mode (Sgt. Hammer), Fury of the Swarm (Kerrigan), Locust Needles (Old!Anub'arak), Cleaver (The Butcher)
Mighty Swing (Hammerstorm), Runed Cleaver Viridian Eel Cartridges (Froggy G), Unknown Alien Hand (Raelynn)N/AN/A
''Vengeance'', Sentinel Strike (Voluc), Splintering Spikes (Vex)
Rocket Hammer (Reinhardt), Massacre Axe (Terminus), Valor (Lian)

The Quick Resurrection
An item/skill that allows the hero to quickly come back after being killed. Effects can vary between getting revived right on the spot, or having a heftily reduced respawn time and respawning at the base. A few on-spot resurrections can be interrupted by hitting them enough while in the process so they don't get revived, or at least revive with less health.
Reincarnation (Wraith King), Aegis of the Immortal (both on-spot)World Ender (Aatrox), Guardian Angel (on-spot), Rebirth (Anivia) (on-spot and interruptible), Cell Division (on-spot and interruptible), pre-season 4 Revive (Summoner Spell) and Revive trinket on Dominion (reduced respawn)Sleepy (Kumbhakarna) (on-spot and interruptible)Black Soulstone (Diablo), Spawn Egg (Murky), Hour of Twilight (Cho'gall (Cho)), The Sequel! (The Lost Vikings), Play Again! (The Lost Vikings), No One Can Stop Death (Malthael), Redemption (Uther), Phylactery of Kel'Thuzad (Kel'Thuzad)
Pyroclasmic Rebirth (Amun-Ra), Token of Life (both on-spot), Resurrection (Deadlift)N/AN/ASacred 212 (Wiro)
Reanimate (Terminus) (on-spot)

The Idle Great Speed Boost
An item/skill that affects your movement. Doesn't seem much, and the speed boost didn't seem so big... until you don't take damage for a few seconds, and then it gives you a pretty massive boost of speed until you got hit. Even by a 1 damage pebble. Then you're back with your small boost. Either way, if one requires traveling from lane to lane by foot, then this thing can be useful to quickly reposition yourself. For roaming heroes, though, this thing is usually a must have since it allows them to travel between lanes quicker.
Tranquil BootsStrut (Miss Fortune), Move Quick (Teemo), Boots of MobilityTalaria Boots, Travelers' ShoesTailwind (Falstad)
Flying Nimbus (Monkey King), StridersDenny's Boots (Raelynn)N/AFlight (Superman)
Mount Up (Tess)

The Polymorpher
A staple disable skill which does exactly what it says: Turns your enemy into an animal. Sure they can move, but they usually have lowered speed and they absolutely cannot attack or use skills when polymorphed. Allies of the polymorpher better capitalize the time the enemy is animal because they won't be that way for long...
Hex (Lion, Shadow Shaman), Mischief (Monkey King), Scythe of VyseWhimsy (Lulu)Polymorph (Hera), The Wild Hunt (Cernunnos)Polymorph (Brightwing), Poly-Bomb (Medivh)
Morph (Pollywog Priest), Miniaturization (Witch Slayer), Constription (King Klout), Kuldra's SheepstickN/AN/AN/A
Evil Mojo (Pip), Bon Appetit (Moji)

Sometimes, your attacks will miss because you are blinded. If you face someone with this skill, though... well, even if you're not blinded, you'll find your attacks missing, unless you use ability. There are two types of this, depending on the game: for the first one, the evasion is permanent, but it worked on a percentage level, so your enemy might hit you if they are lucky or being persistent. For the second one, the evasion is temporary, but at that point, you completely No-Sell any normal attacks, only abilities may hurt you.
Blur (Phantom Assassin), Drunken Brawler (Brewmaster), Windrun (Windranger), Talisman of Evasion Counter Strike (Jax, )Moonlit Waltz (Chang'e), Overhead Kick (Ravana)Evasion (Illidan), Bone Armor + Shade (Xul), Elusive Brawler (Chen), Dodge (Genji)
Wind Shield (Zephyr), Snake BraceletN/AN/AN/A

Invulnerability Stasis
An item or ability that is similar to an Ability Blocker, it completely no-sells everything, be they attacks or crowd control, not just once, but until the time runs out. However, this puts your character into a stasis, meaning they can't move, attack or use abilities. Can be a life-saver during a pinch, or making an enemy waste their skills - but if they're prepared to block off your further retreat after getting out of stasis, you're pretty much just delaying the inevitable
Phase Shift (Puck), Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Book of Shadows (Unique in that it can, and often is cast on others rather than oneself, including on enemies. Too many Hero abilities make use of this mechanic to list)Zhonya's Hourglass, Frozen Tomb (Lissandra)Aegis Amulet item treeIce Block and its variants, Burrow (Dehaka), Crystal Aegis (Auriel)
''Stasis'' (spell)
Cryo-Freeze (Mei), Ice Block (Evie)

Items Only

'Walking Sun'
An item that when possessed, will allow the user to generate AOE damage over time. Usually small damage, but the item itself provides nifty bonus, from big protection or big attack bonus.
RadianceBami's Cinder, Sunfire Cape/Sunfire Aegis, Enchantment: Cinderhulk, Frostfire Gauntlet, Turbo ChemtankMystical MailBurning Rage and its variants
Mock of BrillianceN/AN/AN/A

'Ultimate Critical'
A very expensive item and favored by those who likes their normal attacks, because it grants not only big damage, but big critical hit bonuses.
DaedalusInfinity EdgeDeathbringerN/A

The Armor Shredder
If you wield this item, every of your normal attacks or skills with on-hit effects are going to reduce your enemy's defenses per hit, thus making this a favored item for auto-attack reliant carries.
Blight Stone, Desolator, Stygian DesolatorBlack Cleaver, Liandry's AnguishExecutioner, Demonic GripSharpened Arrowheads (Hanzo)

The HP Shredder
Similar to the above, but instead of decreasing armor per hit, they instead take a chunk of HP percentage every hits, making this popular for shredding tanks that tends to have very big HP.
N/ABlade of the Ruined King, Enchantment: BloodrazorQin's Sais, Heartseeker, Soul ReaverGiant Killer and its variants
Spell SunderN/AN/AN/A

Slow Inductor
Another popular item that makes your attacks slow down the enemy, enabling you to chase them. For some heroes that doesn't have slowing disables, but need to keep the enemy slowed, this could be the item for them. If physical damage and magical damage are separated, a magical counterpart may exist so it affects your damaging spells instead.
Orb of Venom, Eye of SkadiFrozen Mallet, Rylai's Crystal ScepterFrostbound Hammer, Gem of IsolationNexus Blades and its variants
Frostwolf SkullBaby Yeti (Yuri), Pills for the Mind (Skree)N/AN/A
Control, Inevitability, Pursuit (steals speed instead)

The Giant HP & Regen Booster
Defensive item which immensely increases your HP and gives a tremendous HP regeneration, will definitely make you more tanky and lasting longer for a long siege. If Stats are involved, this will also give Strength bonus, empowering the Strength-based heroes.
Heart of Tarrasque, Giant's RingWarmog's ArmorStone of GaiaBig Tuna Kahuna (Murky)
Behemoth's HeartPower Pills Turbo, Med-i'-CanN/AN/A

Ability Blocker
An item that when equipped, automatically gives a hero a chance to No-Sell a spell or crowd control just for once, before it goes into cooldown. Basically, if your enemy has a lot of targeted spell or massive crowd control ability (or one particularly dangerous one), this item might be put in great use as a hard counter.
Linken's SphereBanshee's VeilMagi's BlessingSpell Shield and its variants
Momentum (only blocks crowd control)

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