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Single Proposition: Welcome To Corneria

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  • Assuming that even most RPG fans would recognize a throw-away line from Final Fantasy I is major Fan Myopia
  • Corneria is also a Star Fox reference (and beyond that, made it into Super Smash Brothers as a level, further increasing the amount of people who would think Star Fox upon seeing the name), so Corneria doesn't fall under the One Mario Limit.
  • While the Final Fantasy series is one of the best-known RPG series even made, Final Fantasy I is nowhere near the most popular entry in the series, and thus the popularity of the series as a whole cannot be used as justification for the popularity of the original game.
  • None of the towns in Final Fantasy I were particular memorable, further increasing the likelihood that the first thought will be of Star Fox
  • In some versions of Final Fantasy I, the town was actually called Cornelia, meaning that not even everyone who played that game will understand the reference.
  • The current name makes the trope sound more limited than it actually is