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Single Proposition: Rename You Can Never Leave

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Vote up for yes, down for no.

At issue:


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Rename You Can Never Leave

  • Voting Up means you think it should be renamed.
  • Voting Down means you think that it should not be renamed.

Arguments for renaming:

  • The current name sounds like it's about a place or a location you can't leave, rather than a job or a company that will not allow you to quit working for them.
  • The current name covers far more situations than what's described in the trope.
  • The trope namer (a line from The Eagles' song Hotel California) is not an example of the trope.
Arguments against renaming:
  • People leave organizations and relationships as well as locations.
  • It sounds like the typical veiled statement about such an organization.

duplicate option; ignore. If you voted for this one before, please revote on the other option.