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Single Proposition: Rename The Boo Radley Take 2

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Vote up for yes, down for no.

At issue:

Renaming The Boo Radley. Please consider the reasons given before voting.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Rename The Boo Radley Vote Up to rename; Down to keep the current name.

Reasons against renaming:

  • References a classic work of American literature
  • Character in question is an example of the trope
  • Character's name is unique enough that it is unlikely to be confused for someone else

Reasons For Renaming:

  • It's a character named trope with no real context in the name.
  • To Kill A Mockingbird is not uniformly 'Required Reading' in the United States, and especially not outside of it. It may be classic, but it's not universally known.
  • That Boo Radley is an example of this trope is a plot twist literally revealed in the last few pages, making this title a spoiler.
  • Before the revelation, Boo is described as having several other character traits that are completely unrelated.
  • The Boo Radley reveal is not what the book is famous for; he's a minor character role in a subplot. As such, even for people who are familiar with the work, the name may not be clear.
  • The trope page has not gathered appreciably more wicks or inbound links than it had last time renaming it was discussed, a year ago. While 90+ wicks and 80+ inbounds are not bad numbers themselves, the fact that they haven't changed means that the page is stagnant.
  • The wick count is low for a trope as common as this one.