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Single Proposition: Power Trio

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At issue:


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Crowner to decide whether to split Power Trio. Vote up if in favor of this, vote down to leave the trope as it is.

  • Power Trio would become a supertrope for all three-character ensembles
  • The split off trope would be for trios that fit the Freudian psychological aspect.


  • Power Trio is being misused to refer to any three-character group. The first post of the thread checked 50 wicks out of 1180 for misuse and found 12 of them to be incorrect; see the post in question for details.
  • Enough tropes exist for three-character groups that a supertrope is justified
  • The current definition of Power Trio describes a specific three-character group that should form its own trope


  • It has 1180 wicks and 1389 inbounds, which is a lot.
  • The wicks that are using it correctly would all become incorrect.
  • Only 50 wicks out of 1180 were checked for misuse; this may not be a large enough sample size to be sure of the true misuse rate.