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Single Proposition: Mode Lock

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Rename Mode Lock?


  • 353 wikilinks and 151 inbounds (as of August 2011).


  • Misuse is estimated from 1-in-4 to 1-in-3 based on an initial sample (10%, chosen from the A-M range.)
  • Fandom-specific term; gives little indication that it's about Shapeshifting in general.
  • The main usage of this term outside of T Vtropes is from laser physics, not from any fandom. This usage is completely unrelated to the trope.
  • We may be able to preserve the reference to the term while renaming it.


  • It's a pre-existing term established in this meaning by the Transformers series. (Counter-argument: pro #3)
  • Decent wikilinks and inbounds; if misuse isn't too high then a simple cleanup can take care of it.