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Single Proposition: Kuudere

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At issue:


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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

We have already called this for keeping Kuudere.

Rename Kuudere (it will be kept as a redirect to whatever the new name is):

Arguments for:

1: "Kuudere" is too new a word and has a vague definition. Large disagreement about what it actually means.

2: Non-English names should be avoided, particularly when they aren't well known.

3: We are the main source for this term according to Google. Other sites defining this term use almost an exact quote of our original definition.

4: Even among anime fans "kuudere" is not the predominate term. Other terms for the same character type ("cooldere", "tundra", "dandere") are used just as often.

Arguments against:

1: It fits well with Tsundere and Yandere

Link to Alternate Titles Crowner