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Single Proposition: Genre Savvy

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At issue:

This is an advisory crowner to determine whether further discussion is necessary

Does the inclusion of the following paragraph in the current definition of "Genre Savvy" make the trope too broad?

There are two finely-distinguished varieties of genre savvy. The first comes from being familiar with fiction. A good example of this is the Scream series, where the genre savvy characters are savvy because they've watched horror movies. The other kind comes from being a character in some sort of serial fiction, and having a good memory. For example, many modern comic book superhero characters exhibit a lot of savviness, simply because they can remember all the weird things that've happened to them, and thus are not surprised when yet another evil twin shows up.

Background information: That paragraph was added in December of 2011 with no discussion anywhere that I can find any record of.

Please vote UP if you believe that valid arguments can be made for keeping that section and that discussion should continue; DOWN if you do not.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

  • Discussion should continue on the inclusion of the quoted paragraph; there are valid arguments for keeping the definition as it currently stands.