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Single Proposition: Complete Monster 2

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Cut Complete Monster. Whether a new objective trope will be made later can be decided after this.


  • The page appears unsalvageable due to editors blatantly shoehorning examples in that do not fit even under a loose definition of the Complete Monster.
  • The uncertainty as to what that definition is leaves doubt as to whether or not saving it would be worth the effort anyway.
  • If the page is a problem then a large amount of links and in bounds only magnify that problem. Cutting it and starting over is better as it keeps people from continuing to misuse it before it is fixed, if it can even be fixed at all.


  • Recently, an effort has been made to try to curate the page in order to clean it up and slow down or halt decay, which has had some success.
  • 12,500+ inbounds. 9100+ wicks. All of them would break if the page were cut.
  • If the problem is the examples, cutting the page entirely is overkill when we could fix the problem just as well by only cutting the examples.