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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

YMMV is for items that are reactions of the audience to works and tropes that need a significant judgment call to tell whether they exist objectively or not.

Should these items become members of YMMV?

Note: Audience Reactions need to be subjective, emotional responses and things that are likely to cause arguments and disagreements. Merely being outside a work or inside an audience don't make things YMMV

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Memetic Troll: This is a fandom specific trope and an example of Memetic Mutation, which in itself is an Audience Reaction.

Discredited Trope: The page makes claims about how tropes are perceived by audiences, which may or may not be accurate depending on which audience you are talking about and exactly how the trope is used.

cut trope.

Cry for the Devil: The page describes it as the audience finding a villain tragic. The in-story trope is Sympathy for the Devil.

Digital Destruction: If Porting Disaster (the video game equivalent of Digital Destruction) is YMMV, so should Digital Destruction. One person could say that the restoration "improves" the video quality while another person could say that it "ruins" the video quality.

Age-Appropriate Angst: "it even says on the page that it is extremely culturally subjective and from what I've seen, most examples are how the audience reacts to it, not In-Universe." Another thing to keep in mind is that what may seem petty to angst over for one person could be totally justified to another person.


Star Trek Movie Curse is a rather unknown page I just found, the concept just really amuses me and it's probably my favorite YMMV item... Except it's not actually a YMMV item yet.

Broken Aesop: Since it is an Audience Reaction trope, it should be YMMV. There have been disagreements on whether or not the Aesop was broken.

Intended Audience Reaction

This starts with "The reaction from the audience we suspect the author intended. We can't really know whether it was intended. It may have been, or it may have been that the author was aiming for something completely different and just missed." Beyond this, if i am remembering well, Fast Eddie himself put this in ymmv one time.

Animation Bump

I think this should be in YMMV because this is way too opinionated. What one might consider good animation might be considered bad animation by another person. The Simpsons is a good example. Although most people think that Season 2 is better animated than Season 1, some people disagree and say season 1 has better animation than season 2 because season 1 has squash and stretch and more exaggeration while Season 2 (and today's Simpsons episodes) have animation that's too conservative and too stiff. There are some animators who enjoyed working on Season 1 more than the later seasons.