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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Trying to get a feel for what alterations can be made to YKTTW to increase output quality.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Attach a name selection crowner to the YKTTW.

Allow a secondary sort and filter by YKTTW tags such as needing a (better) image, needing a better name, etc.

The ability to have YKTTW-relevant Predefined Messages as tags for YKTTWs.

Provide edit history for the YKTTW and each reply.

Require a number of up votes before a YKTTW can be launched.

Permit discarding at any time. implemented

Require at least one index.

Allow one to set the YKTTW descriptions to closed by default in the profile properties (like where spoiler status can be set) to allow for more practical YKTTW browsing.

Fix the glitch that makes the caption not aligning itself to the right.

duplicate, please ignore

The name selection, and page image crowners ( suggested in the above options) should only divide unacceptable suggestions from acceptable ones based on consensus, but choosing one of the acceptable ones should be the responsibility of the page's launcher.

Make it possible to browse YKTTW in a list-of-links type of format

Put a holler button on YKTTW posts.

Make a two stage system where a new YKTTW has to spend at least [three]* days being worked on and meet the minimum standards, then can be submitted for a "ready to launch?" crowner. Failing the crowner results in being sent back to workshop stage.

Have "pre-indexing" in YKTTW, so that people can browse not only recent updates in general but also browse recent updates in special fields that interest them.

A Countdown timer before launch

Be able to edit an OP without loading all of the YKTTW page when you save.

A "YKTTW Search" button located somewhere other than the top of YKTTW, so you don't have to load all of YKTTW in order to search YKTTW.

Add a picture crowner.

Give official launching privilege and YKTTW-curating responsibility to the entry-starting tropers, unless they make it Up For Grabs, or abandon it for weeks.

Add an OPTIONAL spell checker support.
(Note that some PC Web browsers already feature a spellcheck option.)

Sandbox style editing: Nobody "owns" the draft text, anyone may edit/improve the writeup until reaching consensus for launch.
(Should include viewable edit history as a rule; might warrant separation between personal OP and actual article draft.)

I agree with INUH's suggestion of phases for the YKTT Ws. The Definition phase is pretty much the one that the initial troper must work on hardest, since that's the one that will get the message across of what the trope consists of, but from that the other two phases grow organically with help from the other tropers. Of course, the original poster should be the one who makes all initial suggestions on the trope's name, and try to include examples as early as possible. It's his/her trope, we shouldn't railroad him/her with our ideas, but give polite suggestions. Not an actual option.

Suspend voting for first three days.

Author of the OP cannot launch.