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do not restore

  • Not actually relevant to understanding most media, therefore outside the scope of Useful Notes pages
  • Rare exceptions to the above (e.g. Chu Bra) could easily store the relevant information on their trivia pages.
  • It supplied no information that couldn't be found by a simple Google search.
  • The bra sizing systems are not significantly different; all one has to know to understand any work referencing them is that later letters in the alphabet denote larger cup sizes.
  • The inbounds were mostly from sites incredulous or amused by how bad it was.
  • Some tropers find the article to be very creepy.

Create a general "Clothing Sizes" article, with "bra sizes" being a section of it.

  • Would have less overall focus on sexual garments such as bras.
  • Would still contain the information, and more
  • It would remove the creepiness factor, possibly.

Restore with a rewritten version

  • Could aid in understanding of the Japanese bra sizing system, which differs slightly from the US one, when mentioned in anime or manga.
  • Could also help fanfic writers, who frequently use bra cup sizes inaccurately when describing characters breasts.
  • Some tropers find the original article to be very creepy.

Create a separate supertrope/index named Breast Size Matters or such, to host tropes where general breast size correlates to characterisation.

Restore the original version

  • The cut was premature.
  • The page had numerous inbounds.
  • The chart provided a scholarly comparison or something.