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Make this a game-specific trope, with the usual allowance for references to a game's rules in-universe,and lampshaded, discussed and invoked uses in a game mentioned within a work. Real Life games would be allowed, but no non-game-rule (laws, government regulations, accounting practices, payroll or recruiting limitations or the like) examples.

Make It YMMV (Note that this is not mutually exclusive with any of the other choices, except In-Universe Only )

Make it In-Universe Only; that is, only examples like works where people are playing a game and commenting on its one weird rule, or games where the game itself calls out and acknowledges one rule as being weird.

Make it both In-Universe Only and Game-specific

Make this No Real Life Examples Please; please note that this would include cutting all real sports and real games unless they are mentioned within a work. (At present, this would leave three examples; two about the Leg-Before-Wicket rule in Cricket and one about Right-of-Way in fencing)