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Rename Strangled by the Red String and rework to focus on little-foreshadowed, overblown romance. Split the Designated Love Interest redirect as a trope about someone who's a Love Interest because the plot says so, without acting the part.


  • "Strangled" is too generic and makes the title amount to "Romance, but done badly". A rename can cut down on the trope's potential as a Complaining platform
  • Wicks (and even the trope's own example section, pre-overhaul) show a dominating pattern of mentioning/potholing the current title as verbal chaff or a Take That! without any regard for what the trope is about. This is probably a consequence of the above.

Do nothing.


  • "Strangled" is a correct term for when an element is doing harm to the show; it may be a harsh term, but the connotation is there
  • People will inevitably view this sort of trope with Shipping Goggles, renaming won't get them to stop
  • Trope has more than 300 wicks and 2000 inbound links

Rename and rework Strangled by the Red String, but do not split off Designated Love Interest.