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At issue:

which stingers we should keep and which ones we should throw away Up= keep down = throw away.

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Statler: Hey, this page is comparing us to Cthulhu!
Waldorf: Well, you're an Old One, but you sure aren't Great!
Both: D'oh ho ho ho!

  • Zipperiffic
    Waldorf: That Nomura guy puts way too many zippers on his characters.
    Statler: I don't know, I think they could still use a few more.
    Waldorf: You do?
    Statler: Yeah. Over their mouths!
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • Anal Probing
    Waldorf: You know, this isn't a bad page these kids have here.
    Statler: Well, I think it's a real pain in the ass!
    Both: Doh-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • Apologises a Lot
    Statler: It looks like they're sorry for creating this page.
    Waldorf: Yeah, and I'm sorry for reading it!
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!

  • Blatant Lies
    Waldorf: This is an excellent page!
    Statler: I have absolutely nothing to criticize here!
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • Cricket Rules
    Waldorf: You know, after reading that Cricket isn't really that hard to understand.
    Statler: Indeed, I now understand perfectly why we fought a war to get away from people who would find it entertaining.
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • Edutainment Show
    Statler: Say, Waldorf, do you think this Web site counts as edutainment?
    Waldorf: Don't see why not. After all, it encourages people to get off the Internet and read books.
    Together: Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!

  • Everything's Deader With Zombies
    Waldorf: Why do you suppose Tropers like zombies so much?
    Statler: Because they don't have lives either.
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • Everything's Better With Muppets
    Statler: Well they got something right for once. We are the best things on this website.
    Waldorf: Actually we're the ONLY good things on this website
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-ho!

  • Fanservice
    Waldorf: You know, they seem to chronicle the various forms of sexiness to a very large extent.
    Statler: Well, we all like what we can't have!
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • Grand Finale
    Statler: Come to think of it, all finales are grand!
    Waldorf: Yeah, because they always mean the stupid show's finally over!
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!\\

  • The Muppet Show
    Statler: We raised "Take That!" "to an art form?"
    Waldorf: It looks to me like they "took that" and ran with it.
    Statler: If only we'd done the same, eh?
    Both: Dohhhhh-ho-ho-ho-ho!''

Statler: Well, at least these videos are short.
Waldorf: How would you know? You always fall asleep in the first minute.
Statler: I know. Delightful isn't it?
Both: Do! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

  • Russian Humor
    Waldorf: Хе Статлер, почему мы говорим в плох переведенном русском?
    Statler: Я думаю, кто-то использовал Бабелфиш для бедного юмором!
    Waldorf: Так я угадываю мы не даже нужный в советском Россия.
    Statler: Почему это?
    Waldorf: В советском Россия, тропэры делают дурачков себя!
    Both: До-хо-хо-хо-хо-хо-хо!

  • Fantastic Sapient Species Tropes
    Statler: I wonder why they keep mentioning life on other planets.
    Waldorf: Why should they care? They don't have lives on this one!
    Both: Dohohohoho

  • The Grim Reaper
    Statler: Someone should send the Grim Reaper to the writer of this page!
    Death: I visit the writer of every page.
    Statler: Do-ho-ho... huh?

  • Instrument of God
    Statler: You know why Paul had to name his book "Instrument of God"?
    Waldorf: Because getting people to finish it would require Divine Intervention!
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • Out of Order
    Waldorf: Hey Statler? Why is this page so jumbled up?
    Statler: To make it just like tropers' minds.
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!

Waldorf: They seem to be saying that our absence from this wiki would improve their Internet experience!
Statler: It would certainly improve ours!
Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • Candle Jack
    Statler: Hey, Waldorf, do you know what the name of this page is?
    Waldorf: Candle Jack? Oh no... Well I guess he's not here.
    Statler: I don't blame him. If I had a name like 'Candle Jack', I wouldn't want to show up either!
    Both: Do-ho-h You were saying?

  • Darkseid
    Waldorf: So I hear this guy is always looking for the Anti-Life Equation.
    Statler: He sure came to the right place. Nobody has a life around here!
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • Egregious
    Waldorf: Tropers sure seem to like the word "egregious".
    Statler: That's because it describes this whole website!
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • Evil Overlord
    Statler: You know what I would do if I were an Evil Overlord?
    Waldorf: Oh? What's that?
    Statler: Quit. They always try to rule over everything. Would you want to rule this site?
    Waldorf: Nah. It's more fun to make fun of it.
    Both: Doh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!

  • Greek Chorus
    Statler: So, you got anything pithy to say about this page?
    Waldorf: What, and give it more thought than they did?
    Both: Dohohohohohohoho!

  • Lady Death
    Waldorf: This is the first Death I've ever seen with an hourglass figure!
    Statler: Y'know, at our age, jokin' about The Grim Reaper probably isn't a good idea...
    Waldorf: Huh. Ya got a point there. Guess it's not that bright to tempt Death.
    Statler: ...of course, I might not mind if it was her!
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • Living Forever Is Awesome
    Waldorf: Well, living forever looks pretty good.
    Statler: You know what'll be the best part?
    Waldorf: Why, making fun of everything!
    Both: Doh-ho-ho-ho-ho!

  • Mystery Science Theater 3000
    Waldorf: Hey, it sounds like these MST 3 K guys are a lot like us!
    Statler: Yeah, but there's one difference though!
    Waldorf: What's that?
    Statler: We're actually funny!
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • The Netherlands
    Statler: Nederland. Wat vind je er nu van?  *
    Waldorf: Het is koud, nat en druk. De mensen mopperen, zijn onbeschoft en stinken naar kaas.  *
    Statler: Ja! Ik voel me er helemaal thuis!  *
    Beiden: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • A Rare Sentence
    Waldorf: This TV Tropes article is a well-written, informative and witty description of a widely used media trope.
    Statler: Do you really mean that?
    Waldorf: No, but that was something noone has ever said before!
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • Take That (Live-Action TV)
    Statler: 'Ah, the beauty of live-action. Makes you feel like you're really there, doesn't it?
    Waldorf: Yeah, I can be bored to death from the comfort of my own home!
    Both: Doh-ho-ho-ho-ho!

  • Y The Last Man
    Statler: You think there'd still be war if dames were in charge?
    Waldorf: Sure, but only for one week of the month!
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • Zero Wing
    Waldorf: Why do they think this bad English is funny?
    Statler: What makes you think their own English is good?
    Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!

  • Order of the Stick (Just Bugs Me)
    MiTD: Wait, what gate?!
    Waldorf: It seems as though he hasn't been paying any attention through the whole existence of the comic!
    Statler: Well, I stopped paying attention to this very wiki a long time ago!
    All 3: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

  • Power Rangers
    Statler: Did you know this show has been cancelled five times and brought back?
    Waldorf: What, is there an hermit fanboy as a network executive?
    Both Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!