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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

The current Our Were Wolves Are Different page is our only page for werecreatures of all sorts. While there are many non-wolf examples in fiction, the wolf oriented nature of the article creates a bias against using it for non-wolves, and finding non-wolf examples in the sea of wolf examples can be difficult.

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Option 3: Create a supertrope for werecreatures, of which Our Werewolves Are Different will be a subtrope focusing solely on werewolves. Non-wolf examples will go on the supertrope page to begin with. Additional subtropes for specific types of werecreatures (Selkies, for example) can be created if there is sufficient demand.

Pros: A logical organization that allows for more precise tropes and less unwieldy pages.

Con: Requires replacing many Our Werewolves Are Different wicks with the new supertrope.

Option 1: Rename Our Werewolves Are Different to "Our Werecreatures Are Different", rewrite the description to be less wolfcentric, and do a soft split of the wolf and nonwolf examples.

Pros: Least amount of work fixing wicks and inbounds.

Option 2: Create a spinoff subtrope for non-wolf werecreatures, with Our Werewolves Are Different as the progenitor trope.

Pros: Allows for a smaller, more precise trope split off from the current article.

Cons: Counter-intuitive Sub Trope relation between the two pages.

Ignore. An alternate name crowner will be posted when this one is done.

Ignore. An alternate name crowner will be posted when this one is done.

Duplicate, ignore