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Which picture to put on the Nintendo Hard page. This is just a description for this crowner. Please vote for it just to keep it visible.

Find a picture from I Wanna Be The Guy.

This image from Battletoads, with the caption "Did we mention that there's one of these gates every half second towards the end... and they move?"

If we're using a game, it's gotta be a screencap of a Shoot 'em Up, a Cave or Tou Hou game in particular. Tou Hou floods the screen with bullets to dodge — gets the idea across simply. [1]

A photo or drawing of somebody about to throw a controller in anger.

A photo or drawing of a NES controller, snapped in half.

A photo or drawing of a NES controller sticking out from a hole in a Television set.

Find a picture of The Angry Video Game Nerd destroying a game cartridge.

A beatmania screencap of Mendes' black another chart.

A really hard part from a Guitar Hero song. Preferably "Through The Fire and Flames".

This picture about playing Contra.

No image at all.

Use this picture from Shadowgate, with the caption "When Game Over is the most common screen you see."