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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Moral Dissonance is continually used to mean "the hero of the story commits an action This Troper found to be morally objectionable, which is never addressed or corrected within the story." This being an entirely subjective criteria, which is as at conflict with the trope's original purpose (when the hero behaves with an obvious double standard of saying one thing and doing the exact opposite), the course of action to take should be:

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Leave the trope as objective. Clean the examples, and perhaps modify the bolded note on the page to warn people against adding examples that are tantamount to "I didn't agree with the hero's position".

Pros: Preserves the original meaning of the trope. Keeps the trope objective.

Cons: Massive work to accomplish if one is going to clean out all of the misused wicks. This may have entered the Troper consciousness as subjective.

[Ignore this, mistaken entry]

Mark the trope as subjective. For tropes that are specifically about the hypocrisy of a hero saying one thing and doing another, we have the hypocrite trope.

Pros: Less work to accomplish. Moral Dissonance does seem to fill a certain collective void. Since there is a hypocrite entry, this arguably eliminates a redundancy.

Cons: Essentially concedes to Trope Decay and loses the original meaning.

Keep definition the same as original meaning, but add a Subjective tag.