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Make "Symbolic Seven" (or some other name) a supertrope and split off the various types into subtropes when they gather enough examples.


  • Different tropes for every usage.


  • The "various types" would be only differentiated by being different Lampshade Hangings on the supertrope.

Rename as Symbolic Seven, keeping all examples of the number seven being used symbolically. Do not split based on the number's different associations.


  • Might include meaningless examples of the number's usage

Don't do anything, keep the Just for Fun label and the inaccurate title.


  • If we keep it as about any appearance of the number 7, maybe it shouldn't be a real trope


  • The appearance of number 7 is still used as a trope in certain cases
  • The current title doesn't indicate all of its content.

Split it into tropes for the various attributes of 7 (lucky, divine, perfect, etc)


  • It wouldn't leave room for a supertrope when the number is used as a generic "significant" number.

Expand it to include any mention of 7


  • Wouldn't have to find the fine line between intentional and unintentional usages.


  • It would include unintentional, not really tropable entries, thus it would warrant keeping the Just for Fun tag.