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Tropers already embraced Incredibly Lame Pun as the main, generic pothole for puns. Keep using it this way.

Define Incredibly Lame Pun as in-universe only, A Worldwide Punomenon for works with high pun density (a la World of Ham for Large Ham), and create a new, exampleless Pun Intended page for potholing only.

Start the Incredibly Lame Pun repair project: Define Incredibly Lame Pun as in-universe only, Add a banner to the page stating that if the viewer arrived at this page via a Pot Hole that is being used inaccurately, they should go back and either the delete the pot hole or redirect it to whichever Punny Stuff entry would actually be now appropriate.

Change any misused Incredibly Lame Pun potholes to Just for Pun and redefine A Worldwide Punomenon to mean "a world full of puns" (similar to how World of Ham means "a world where everyone is a Large Ham").

Rename this trope and repurpose the title Incredibly Lame Pun as being a subjective trope more akin to how it's typically Pot Holed.

Change all potholes of Incredibly Lame Pun that are not lampshaded as lame, to A Worldwide Punomenon.

Move in-universe examples to a different page; keep Incredibly Lame Pun as an exampleless page for potholing.

Change non-in-universe Incredibly Lame Pun potholes to Just for Pun.

Remove all misused pothole links from troper-provided puns to any pun-related title at sight. The audience are not morons. Keep Incredibly Lame Pun for in-universe lame puns and Worldwide Punomenon for works with loads and loads of puns.

Cut List it. This isn't even a trope anymore- it's a silly memetic disorder that's hardly ever appropriately linked.