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  • Inaccurate/misleading; this is not a trope about hiring people, but about not firing those already hired.
  • Not indicative; House is known for many other things (not to mention other tactics with similar goals, such as his elimination competition of possible new staff) than what's outlined in the trope, and the name says nothing about which of those tactics the trope is about. It's the equivalent of naming a trope "House Does Something."
  • Says nothing about trope to those who haven't watched House.


  • Added Alliterative Appeal.
  • The trope is about hiring, in that a character justifies (not undoing a) hiring via a House-like line of thought.
  • Of all the "tactics" House may be known for, it is unlikely that any is more relatable to hiring and heuristic than this one, which was a pivotal plot thread for a season of the show and had notable effects afterwards.