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At issue:

What to do with the current pic of Wesley in Creators Pet?

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Pros: Pic is JAFAAC and doesn't adequately demonstrate the trope

Cons: No replacement pic (yet)

Pull and call non-pictureable

Pros: The trope is potentially very difficult to picture and an example may not be found.

Cons: It's not inconceivable that a media example could be found. Alternatively, someone could make a picture.


Pros: Gives opportunity for a better suggestion to be found/made

Cons: Same as for Keep



  • The pic has survived several attempts to remove it, and is emblematic of a notable example of the trope
  • Removing it with nothing to replace it is, to quote, "begging for an image war"

Cons: Classic JAFAAC; doesn't show enough of the trope.