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Image Pickin: Kimono Is Traditional

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#5 Kimono girl from the HimeCut thread.


  • accurate gear and wearing
  • traditional haircut ups the traditionalness
  • demure and gentle air, goes with the Yamato Nadeshiko implications, traditionalness
  • wears uchikake (the over-robe)) which signifies being from a very wealthy/traditional family, being a way more obsolete fashion than the kimono itself

#1 drawing of young girl in full kimono


  • Accurate depiction of kimono and accessories
  • Looks demure and gentle

ignore, accidental post

#3 Group picture all in casual clothes but the one girl (Cropped and resized.)


  • Nice juxtaposition of the traditional-ness of the kimono against the casual Western clothing of the others.
  • Show the properness and dignity associated with kimono.


  • She's not the focus of the picture.

#4 Kimono lady shopping



  • No clear connection to the trope ("In Japanese works, characters who wear kimono tend to be traditionalists")