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CommonKnowledge.Video Games: Suggestion. Caption suggestion: Left: most people think Mario hits blocks with his head. Right: Mario actually hits blocks with his fist. DONE

We Didn't Start the Führer: Suggestion from Four Favorites #12. DONE

Awesome.The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess: Suggestion. Caption suggestion: Not bad for a simple farmhand... DONE

Three-Laws Compliant: Suggestion from artwork by Mark Zug. DONE

Caper Crew: Suggestion from Reservoir Dogs. Opened thread

Smart House: Suggestion from The Simpsons. Opened thread

Added by mistake. Please Ignore.

Holy Is Not Safe: Suggestion from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Caption suggestion: Those Wacky Nazis should never mess with God. Opened thread

The War on Terror: Suggestion from internet. Opened thread