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These are the series that help a person get rolling with Animé. Vote up the ones you think are more essential and vote down the ones you think are less essential.

Try not to duplicate entries. It will split the voting.

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Ok, explanation: This is not in fact an Essential crowner, this is a crowner for the "Let's Write a Constitution" thread to decide on which flavor of democracy the constitution will be.

Please vote up all proposals you support and vote down all proposals you dislike. If you are genuinely neutral towards any proposal, you can not vote on them, but if you don't vote on any proposal you have an opinion on it will skew the vote.

Hybrid solution, incorporating councils as a Lower House and representatives as an Upper House of a bicameral system.

Representative Democracy (likely a version of Bon Sequitur's spheres of governmentproposal)

Council Democracy (likely a variation on De Marquis' proposal here.)

Give the power to the people to remove at anytime and by a mayority of votes to remove any person in charge of the ejecutive power.

Bearing Arms: Should the Constitution of Generica state that the citizenry should be able to bear arms OR should it be left out? Up is in favor of inclusion, down is to leave it out. This is not to say that gun control legislation is or isn't needed; only that the Constitution will recognize it as a Right - nothing more or less.


Direct Democracy (likely a variation on Black Humor's districted direct democracy proposal)

6 powers? There's only 3 in the constution so far, 4 if you count the BPH&S seperately.

How do you guys want to choose the panel of experts?