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Biggest Complaint: Warrior Cats

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The "Power of Three" prophecy taking twelve books to solve - meandering here and there and getting nowhere fast, rather than following a concise, solid storyline.

Everyone being mean for no reason. Now, I know they're from different clans, but really, sometimes these cats just take the level jerkness to the extreme. In "Battles of the Clans", there's a story where one of the clans is starving and is begging for a season of peace so they can recover. The other clans are like screw that and they invade the starving clan's territorty and take even more of their prey that the starving clan desperately needs. The worst part about this is the fact that when the starving clan brought up the idea of peace and working together, the other clans were offended by this, and started mocking the starving clan for thinking of such an idea. They were willing to let a clan die out!

Seriously, I understand rivalry, but not to this extent. The mean factor has got to go down!

The older characters overshadowing the newer characters. Do we really have to see Firestar fight Tigerstar when Lionblaze was perfectly capable of doing it?

Scourge's Deus ex Machina tendencies.