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Biggest Complaint: Fairly Oddparents

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The heavy Flanderization.

The fact that Timmy's parents are never called out for their treatment of Timmy, but yet Timmy is wrong for showing the slightest amount of disrespect. I hate this Double Standard.

The decrease of their respect for continuity.

Trixie's character derailment.

The mean-spirited nature of the show, especially towards Timmy.

The two live-action movies.

The adding of new characters in an attempt to stay fresh instead of developing the old ones.

The voices get higher and higher pitched the longer the show goes on. Just look at what happened to Cosmo!

Vicky and Tootie, along with a slew of other important characters, completely disappearing from the non-live action version of the show.

The fact after the second season (although 2005-era was understandable because Butch was working on Danny Phantom at the same time), every plot has become a storm of cliches and wasted plot opportunities (some treading close to Shaggy Dog Stories), the abuse and overused of Status Quo is God, every character has now been reduce to flailing, overstereotyped shell of their former selves.

Sparky... Just Sparky. I hate that dog. He has the most Obnoxious voice i've ever heard, is a generally annoying character and i just don't like him.

The decision to add Poof to the show.

Did Timmy ever tell Golden Locks that he forced the Crimson Chin to kick him down the building and at least allow Goldie to understand what she condemns?

The fact that the show is STILL IN PRODUCTION even when most people agree that it has jumped the shark a long time ago and that it should just die already.

Kinda like Family Guy and the Simpsons...

That people are still complaining about Timmy being a jerkass, ignoring the fact that he was only a jerk for like 3 seasons.

In newer episodes, every other joke, and nearly every plot device is a pop culture reference.

The addition of Poof and later on Sparky to the show.

The fact that after Poof was born, Timmy became less of a jerk, the plots became less repetitive, Wanda became less naggy and Timmy is starting to solve problems without magic, which are all things people didnt like about the show earlier on, yet the newer seasons are STILL "bad"

Only for the live-action movies: They made Tootie a Mary Sue character.

The show becoming more obnoxious in every aspect over time.

The colors got brighter, the characters got bigger glasses, the jokes became more simple, loud, and in-your-face (Timmy gagging, Cosmo being an idiot, Crocker yelling and not recognizing fairies), and the characters talking so fast that you could miss the entire plot in two seconds of screentime. Also, the show doing whatever they want with continuity for the sake of the plot.

I love this show and I actually prefer the newer seasons but there is one thing I have to complain about them.

Lots of the villains seem to have been forgotten like Norm and Gary. Remy is confirmed to be appearing in a future Season 9 episode so I guess that's good. But there's the also the fact that Crocker is being used more than Vicky and that Foop is being used more than Anti-Cosmo.

It's A Wishful Life. Enough said.


The fact that in the books episode, Frankenstein book looks more like the classic movie, making me think Butch Hartman didn't do his bloody research.

Timmy always states the blatantly obvious and NEVER SHUTS UP!

The hiatuses. Enough said.

Shouldn't Timmy be with Trixie, NOT Tootie?

The fact that people complain about flanderization and character derailment ruining the show when this was never a show ABOUT character development, and that the real problem is that it just isn't funny anymore.