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Biggest Complaint: Ed Edd N Eddy

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At issue:


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When one Ed does something wrong, all three Eds get punished!

Kevin and Sarah getting off scot-free for being unnecessarily cruel to the Eds.

The endless Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male and Black Comedy Rape that the Eds receive in the hands of the Kankers.

The mean-spirited episodes, especially towards the Eds.

"If it Smells like an Ed". Where to start? The logic failures? All three Eds getting punished? Jimmy having the Kankers drag off the Eds, presumably to get raped? I can see why this episode is so controversial.

That Edd's fangirls treat him like an angel who does no wrong.

Kankers and their role in the series. Most shows need villains, but they also need to develop in some way, be charming to some extent and, in case of a comedy, funny. I don't mind anything else on this page and probably wouldn't mind the whole Black Comedy Rape thing if it was well executed. What do we get instead? Offscreen molestation and desperate pleas for mercy. It's not funny! Other than that, they barely do anything else, have no charm, hardly any redeeming traits and are little beyond a plot device writers use to make Eds' life more miserable. They avoid being Scrappies mostly because of the shippers. Yes, writers gave them some depths in the Movie, but why couldn't they do something during the series' run?


The fact that people are still complaining about the episode "If It Smells Like An Ed,". Is it still necessary to complain about a 10 year old episode?


Eddy's Draco in Leather Pants status.

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