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Biggest Complaint: Dragonball

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The series spawned loads of cool fighters with interesting abilities, a fun supporting cast, and a plethora of memorable villains with awesome powers, but by the end of the series, everybody in the entire cast except Goku was eventually killed off, forgotten, fodderized, demoted to extra or turned into a jobber. so many great characters, down the drain.

"This planet is going to explode in five minutes!!!" Cue the same characters fighting for another ten whole episodes before the planet finally blows up.

The Buu Arc was mostly empty padding. Sure, Hercule got character development, but we keep being told

"Super Saiyan 3 is the only way to beat Buu!"

"This fusion technique is the only way to beat Buu!"

"The Z-Sword is the only way to beat Buu!"

"This NEW fusion technique is the only way to beat Buu!"

"Mystic Gohan is the only one who can beat Buu!"

And then Goku destroys Buu with a technique he's had since the Saiyan Arc. What's the point of it all?

Gohan in the Buu Arc.

He's built up as being unstoppable when he gets angry, his lack of power since the Cell Arc seems to be a key point of his character now, he spends the majority of the arc training to fight Buu again, he ultimately becomes the strongest non-fused character in the series (If I'm not mistaken)...and then he loses anyway, because lol Goku.

Furthermore, part of why he loses is because he kept toying with Buu instead of just blasting him to nothing! Hasn't he learned anything from his encounter with Cell!?

Episode upon episode worth of nothing but two guys screaming, staring and grunting at each other.


The cruel treatment of Yamcha...he loses his long time girlfriend to a douchebag while the others crack cruel jokes about it, and he never got thrown a single bone.

The biggest problem Dragon Ball had is the shift from technique, skill, and power it had in the original Dragon Ball to completely power oriented Dragon Ball Z. That shift right there made it impossible for the human characters to contribute to the fights anymore. Toriyama did try to keep them involved. Krillin and Tien have some golden moments in Freeza and Cell sagas, but the characters themselves acknowledge how powerless they are that they'll just watch it is sad to watch.

It gets worse when the final arc (for manga and Z anyway), Buu when Piccolo fnally acknowledges he can't do much either. Unfortunately there are no more Nameks for him to fuse with. I love the series looking back on it now the Saiyans ability to transform into Super Saiyans there was no way for non Saiyans to keep up.

Pointless filler. Some episodes are all filler. This makes the series as a whole very poorly paced. Admittedly this was because Akira Toriyama was still writing the manga as the show was on the air, but it's still annoying.

A lot of the juciest potential bits of character development were skipped over entirely just for the sake of getting to MOAR fighting. We already know Goku's going to reach the next level of Super Saiyan-ness and punch the villain of the week's lights out. How about an episode that deals with the effects of Goku's horrible fatherhood and abandonment of his son? How would he battle that?

(Not to mention all of the other characters like Gohan and Krillin who had interesting character arcs that were mostly glossed over or left mostly unresolved.)


The Fact that the Series never shifted Focus off of Goku. Originally during the Buu Saga, they were going to Switch it over to Gohan, but the fans started Bitching about it so they stuck with Goku. And then they started Bitching that they needed to Switch it away from Goku!

TL;DR Version: Goku and the Fandom.

The sadistic treatment and the complete character derailment of some characters I think it's so bad that I'm starting to think that even the writers of Family Guy treat their characters better.


All of the One Sided fights. Literally, pretty much every fight in the show, with the exception of two, are completely one sided. Anyone remember the Filler episode of Regular Vegito fighting Super Buu before going Super Saiyan because they hadn't finished the next episode yet? I see that episode get a lot of hate, but to me, it's one of the best episodes, just because it was actually kind of even sided.


If you manage to survive an arc you join the team. Tien, Yamcha, Piccolo, Vegeta, Android 18, Majin Buu TWICE. I know Goku's a good influence but c'mon.


buu was fighting a piece of f***ing candy.

From the moment Goku grew the show went to the gutter. Dragon Ball was a cute, funny, interesting show. Dragon Ball Z and later seasons were shonen fodder.