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Biggest Complaint: Bleach

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Here's the place to let the world know about something that doesn't work about this show, trope, or author. As the votes roll in, you'll be able to see if it is also a problem for other folks.

At issue:


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Plotlines and fights tend to drag out due to a lack of narrative focus.

Ichigo's Bankai being completely useless. Name one enemy besides Byakuya who was noticeably slower than Ichigo.

THE GOOD GUYS NEVER DIE (but the bad guys usually do).

  • Captain Yamamoto, you know, the badass leader of the Gotei 13? He died.

Currently, all the big enemies are so powerful they have to be handed Idiot Balls so the good guys can win.

Characters keep getting Demoted to Extra or completely becoming irrelevant to the plot (Ichigo and Uryuu's dad, I'm looking at you). Plus the timelines don't seem to add up given what we've learned through the various arcs.

Another troper just popping in to say CHAD. He is the embodiment of this. I thought he was going placing and then he gets Put on a Bus. It really bothers me that we were given characters and started to really like them only to have them whisked away never to be seen out of flashbacks and fillers.

Started out fun an fast paced, devolved in the Dragon Ball Z levels of slow as molasses story arcs and battles.

Yammy = Espada 0

And still being pretty much useless.

Renji never wins, and the poor guy works so hard. He did kill that arrancar, but that was a surprise attack so...

The fact that every time a big fight is established, we immediately cut to a less important fight until it's finished, meaning we have to wait a month or two for the big important fight. This happens with just about every fight too.

All the arcs that turn out to be entirely pointless and rely on everyone being an idiot. For instance, Orihime Rescue/Hueco Mundo could have been avoided if Urahara had just used his freaking brain, and the Espada 1-3 fights were just a waste of time since Aizen wiped the survivors out for not winning fast enough.

Aizen not bothering to use his shikai on Ichigo. Seriously, all he needs to do is release it, Ichigo gets hypnotised, Aizen wins. He's supposed to be intelligent

When a character says, "It's over," during combat, it's an instant indicator that this fight's gonna go on for a while. Ichego vs Aizen withstanding.

Examples: "It's over. Sylaphorro Grantz." -Fight goes on for 13 more episodes. "It's over Kenpachi" -Fight goes on for 3 more episodes.

The creator keeps baiting us with "Aizen's death", only to show that the attack was completely ineffective, not damaging at all; examples include Gin's attempt on Aizen, Hitsugaya's stabbing

Every arc is just the Soul Society Arc with new faces. There is always some stoic character (Byakuya, Ulquiorra, Yukio), a character who just wants to fight Ichigo and eventually turns traitor (Renji, Grimmjow, Ginjo) and one of his friends ends up needing to be saved (take your pick)

Rukia started out as the female lead and now it's practically a cameo if she appears. Ichigo not being seen for a year despite being the freaking protagonist isn't much better.

Lack of teamwork/creativity on the characters part. Characters just always stand on the sidelines while their friends fight, even if they are perfectly capable of at least throwing some rocks or something because they're 'weak'. Also, Shinigami characters usually seem to instantly forget all their other skills when they use bankai. Kido? Hakuda? Who needs 'em? Not to mention the fact that there around 200 something Shinigami in each division, but only the seated officers ever do anything worthwhile. Why are we paying these guys again?

Writer fail + apparent lack of focus = a FILLER ARC in the MIDDLE of a would-be epic final-fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra.

The manga is still ongoing.

"The Heart." and all it's kind. Kubo loves those white backgrounds, eh?

Me: "Holy crap, this fight's gonna be good..."

Character 1: *unveils special power*

Character 2: "blah blah blah arrogance" *"Shocking" counter*

Character 1: *momentarily shocked then Kubrick stare* "blah blah blah arrogance"

Char 2: *Momentarily shocked then Kubrick Stare* "Chuckle blah blah blah did you really think blah blah blah ...ARROGANCE" *Unveils new superpower*

And so forth for about 5 episodes.

Nearly every Arc, Filler or not, has to do with how Soul Society is run by incompetent morons who's laws and 'Traditions', and at least one case Noble Houses, all seem to do nothing but hinder the Soul Reapers ability to do their Jobs, or more often than not ARE THE DIRECT CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM.

Which inevitably leads to Ichigo, his friends, and a few Rebellious Soul Reapers ignoring the rules and fixing the problem.

Constant gasping like goofballs. Something dramatic happens? "Guh!!" Something emotional happens? "Geahh!" You get the point.

Season 1 (Or what I'm calling Season 1) Man, I liked this show when it was called Yu Yu Hakusho!

Season 2 Man, I liked this show when it was called Dragon Ball Z. Why is s-CRY-ed guy here?

Season 2 Well its long, but it could still get epic.

Season 2 Are they still on Namek?

Season 2 Hey wait, what the hell!?

Manga being more serious than the anime due to half the comical moments being omakes. Also, that damn shiptease for Ulquihime despite it never going anywhere the results never shown and possibly never will.


Gin's bankai is just a longer version of his shikai. Wait, what?

  • Turns out it isn't.

Ichigo NEVER LOSES NOW. I miss the Soul Society Arc, where he regularly got his ass handed to him by the captains. Everything went downhill when he beat Byakuya.